The Artist Support Pledge and you

“Artist Support Pledge” and YOU

The Artist Support Pledge is an initiative started by Matthew Burrows, a painter based in London. It gives artists the opportunity to support other artists, and at the same time make some income in a time when we need alternative ways of showing our work. The idea is that the artist offers for sale original art works for € 200 or less,  by posting them on their social media platforms (Instagram) and tagging them with hashtag #artistsupportpledge. When the artists have made 1,000 Euro due to sales, she or he pledges to buy another artists work for the total of 200 Euro.

The Artist Support Pledge and YOU

Based on trust, generosity and community spirit this initiative is bringing artists together and is also a great way for art lovers to find new artists and buy affordable art. When you buy an art work from an artist participating in the pledge, you create a win-win-win situation:
The artist you buy from will win, another artist will win too, as she or he gets a part of the win and you win an original art work for your place and hopefully a lot of joy looking at it! Buying original art is something very personal, you build a connection to the artist and you add personality to your home or office. I made it my goal to buy for each painting I sell a painting from a fellow artist as its such a great treat for me to buy art work!

New Work in the Artist Support Pledge

One of my wonderful companion during the lockdown ( besides my husband ) was my wonderful cat “Princess Miez from the Garbage Place”. (If you a cat lover you find more about her at this link: She was my best art buddy ). Always stayed with me, never judging but patient till about 6.30 pm when it was time for her supper. I haven’t made many paintings of her. These are two larger ones.

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I decided to offer them in honouring her and share some of the love with you and support another artist.
These are both works on stronger painting paper.
Find the link for the shopping page at the bottom of this side.

Painting during lockdown

During lockdown I stayed 6 weeks in the house. I was so lucky to have a home studio, so I could paint. As I felt it was a very very special time I decided to leave my normal work and chose a different approach. I worked (mainly) on paper, standing in front of my window, getting inspiration from what I saw outside or what I felt inside. Three small series were created this way: “From my window”, “Time” and “From my head”. I discovered the Artist Support Pledge during this time and was thrilled as I thought the paintings would fit greatly into the pledge as they marked this time especially.

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You will find some of my thoughts accompanying the paintings on the shop page and of course Terms&Conditions.

Series “Time”

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Series “From my window”

Sleeping room decoration paintings for 200 €
“Lost in Time” and “Still pink times” from the “Lost in time series” in sleeping room

Series “From my head”

Small painting for office for 200 €
“Find your way” in a room

All paintings are works on paper.
The painting “Find your way” is acrylic on stretched canvas 45×35 cm.
All paintings are not mounted and not framed!
As far as I can hand the paintings out personally, they will come with a white mat.
Shipping is included in the European Union.

Paintings for 170 € are circa 41 x 30 cm
Paintings for 200 € are circa 50 x 32 cm and painted on heavy Canson paper
If you wish the paper paintings come with a white mat to fit a normal frame. Let me know the size.
All signed in the front.

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I would love to support a next artist by buying from her or him. With other worlds: It would be great if one of the paintings speaks to you and you’d love to own it. Please, let me know! Please, pass this news on to people who might like to buy an artwork in the Artist Support Pledge opportunity!

24.04.2020 The Press says:

Want to see more small works?

If you are interested to see more of my smaler works just CLICK HERE Small sized paintings!

colors of morocco
Moroccan colors and life

Let’s build something together.