Small formats – kleine Formate – pequeños formatos

Formate  bis 50 cm Acryl auf Leinwand
Formats till 50 cm acrylic on canvas
Pequeños formatos hasta 50 cm on lienzo

Recent works – neueste Arbeiten – los las nuevas obras

These is a series of works that are based on a so called “limited palette”, I worked with red, ochre, black and white.

Limited Palette Series


Here you find a choice of paintings, all acrylic on wooden panel/ cardboard, 30×30 cm

Series RED


If you like Black and White…

Older Works – Ältere Arbeiten –

2018 Sea dream , each 50×50 cm , each 325 €, both 600 €

Work in progress… will be finished soon!

Meanwhile find smaller paintings here!


The Pond 2


6 thoughts on “Small formats – kleine Formate – pequeños formatos

  1. My dear what an explosion of beauty and vitality! Not being an artist myself I can’t believe you had all these beautiful things inside you, that you could bring to life . It is the magic of inspiration and talent.

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