Medium Sized paintings

Ad joy and energy to your room!

Make a medium sized painting the focal point that plays together with a piece of your furniture. Such a combination highlights a corner or a spot especially. In this way it will beautifully contribute to the set up of your room. A very attractive setting you create when partnering one original painting with another one of about the same size, giving a touch of profoundness to the room.

Contribute to the Set up of your Room with a Medium Sized Painting

Medium sizes you see here are between 55 cm and 100 cm, a size that will contribute to the set up of your room. They are mostly on stretched canvas, if not said differently. The paintings will be shipped in a crate. Inquire at the bottom of this page.

Contribute to the set up of your room
with an original painting

Flowers Dancing

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 70×50 cm
800 €

Water Mirror

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 70×50, framed in a silver Nilson Frame 800 €

Sky and Ice

Acrylic on stretched canvas, comes with a silver Nilson frame
81×65 cm , 900 €


Acrylic on boxed canvas, 70x50x4cm
800 €

SOLD Many shades of Green

Acrylic on stretched canvas

SOLD Merlin

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 70x50x4cm

Thinking of Saint Tropez

Not available


” A beautiful bathe in your rich hues. This is a gem.”
Lily Edith Lacey-Hastings, Art Historian

SOLD Viva Espana!

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 60×50 cm; 550 €

SOLD Beach Life

in a room

SOLD Beach life

Mixed media on stretched canvas, 50x70x4cm;

The yellow landscape painting contributes beautifully to the set up of the room with a yellow sofa.

SOLD Sun and Shade

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 81 x 65 cm;


Acrylic on stretched canvas,60×72 cm

The Cat that didn’t catch the Bird

Acrylic on board, framed, 60 x 72 cm,
950 €

Contribute to the set up of your home with this medium sized yellow-grey-pink coloured painting.

The normal chaos of life

Diptych, acrylic on stretched canvas,

Soft yello and green painting of lush garden

My Paradise Garden

not available

A longer format with grey, yellow and pink hues

The normal Chaos of Life

Diptych, acrylic on stretched canvas, 80×40 cm, framed in a white tray frame
650 €

Yello and green abstract garden painting, very soft

My Paradise Garden

Acrylic stretched Canvas, 81×60 cm,

Crete 3

Acrylic on stretched canvas,
110 x 90 cm 1.900 €

Painting "Crete" decorated above a sofa

Crete Tuscany

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