News from the Artist Support Pledge

Good news!!!

Three, no, meanwhile FOUR paintings will travel to a new home – as soon as the post offices open up again! It’s just a week yet that I sent out my newsletter about my participation in this wonderful initiative! (Want to know more about Artist Support Pledge?( Click here!) That’s really good news from the Artist Support Pledge!

My Costa del Arte Collective colleague Annabel Keatley and I, who participate in the initiative of the Artist Support Pledge have event got the attention of the local press! The article is announced for next Friday! Its wonderful that we got so much attention through the internet! Especially as all art shows in Spain are canceled. We had planned and prepared for an exposition in Fuengirola “Sun and Shade” which should have started 20th of April. Of course is not going to happen. Hopefully we can open it in autumn.

We are still in a very strickt lockdown which was just prolonged till 10th of May. I sincerely had hoped for the permission to do some sport for an hour or so outside. But that seems not to be in the new decisions. My rescuer will be the trampoline – finally the new elastic bands arrived! Its a urgent contrast to standing and sitting work at the computer or the easel. So the trampoline is the only possibility to simulate running at the moment!

I have seen friends only on Skype – we are going on with our regular meetings on Saturday which take place on the Saturday market – of course now its virtuell. Its great how technique helps us so fabulous to stay in touch – wonderful as well that I can stay in touch with people who have interest in my art and artists life like you!

With the extended confinement I will have more of this special time to contemplate the view from my window – which I often do as it is beautiful – but I never used is as a source of inspiration for my paintings. The stand-still inspired me to do two exercises: a literal-stand still in my place and concentrating on what is in front of me AND to do the opposite of a stand still for my mind: move to do new things. This very special time gives a lot of chances to think about life.

Here they are, the paintings of the series “From my window”. The middle one is one of my rather realistic paintings and features the view (meanwhile sold). I love the bold colours in the flowers and in the “Building houses”. I am aiming to capture more the spirit of a situation than the real view of it. The flowers are out bursting in the planter of the balcony with the most incredible red and greens. The tropical garden holds a bit of a dreamy landscape. Enjoy!

The Artist Support Pledge

This is the show case of the paintings I offer for the Artist Support Pledge. All paintings are on paper, acrylic and mixed media.

New Works

Click onto the paintings to enlarge them and see the slide show.

Still available


All paintings are works on paper.
All paintings are not mounted and not framed!

Paintings for 170 € are circa 41 x 30 cm
Paintings for 200 € are circa 50 x 43 cm
If you wish the paper paintings come with a white mat to fit a normal frame. Let me know the size.
All signed in the front.

Due to the post office being closed here in Spain, I will ship as soon as its possible. Shipping is not included in the price.

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I hope to fulfill my pledge and buy a painting from another artist. So lets keep fingers crossed that some of my paintings will find a new home! I plan a gallery wall with small art works of my fellow artists in our home. But somehow I had the plan but didn’t do it. Now this was THE OPPORTUNITY TO ACT! To support her and another artist AND treat myself with a painting I had been flirting with since long!

Let’s build something together.