Should your art match your furnishings?

The painting giving character to the hotel lounge – this painting was bought first …then the sofas!

Should your art match your furnishings??

Should art match your furnishings? This interesting question was brought up in a circle of fellow artists I am a member of. It is a question I am confronted with, when talking about art with people interested in buying one of my works. They have questions like : “will the work fit into the assigned room? Will it go with the colours of the room? Will it be the right size for our small apartment?” and more of this kind.

Concerning these questions I have some brief answers. For example, I am convinced large paintings make a small room larger because they create a sense of space while smaller paintings tend to narrow it even more – this is my answer to: we only have a small room, apartment etc. My answer to “ will it fit into the room?” is: if it is feasible, I will bring the painting to the home of the possible buyer. If further away I give a generous possibility to return the artwork, if the new owners are not happy with it.

Can we have too much art?

My answer to “We already have too many artworks” : as an artist I am convinced you cannot have too much art. There are great ways to design a gallery wall as an assembly of different artworks. For sure there are a lot of solutions to integrate art into your home. Find links to hanging a gallery wall at the end of this article.

But of course this is a personal question of how much room you want to assign to art in your life. In one of my next posts I will hopefully be able to prove this with showing you the home of one of my collectors. To finish my thoughts with the quote of a gallery owner : “If you buy a great art work you have to make room for it in your home!”

A commission work by Kasia Clarke for a client

Should your art match your furnishings? Yes or no or?

My answers above don’t solve the question: Should art match your furnishings, asked in the title of this post. I would love to share the post written by my fellow artist Kasia Clarke, who has given this question some interesting thoughts underpinned by great visual examples .

Kasia Clark in her studio

Kasia Clarke is a British artist living and working near Reigate, Surrey. Recently she has been working on an exciting theme: translating Chopin’s preludes into visual art – a fascinating project!

Should your art match your furnishings??

Feb 6 2022

Written By Kasia Clarke

The issue of matching…

The question of whether an artwork will “go” in a room is often one of the first things that an art buyer will think of when considering a painting. This is understandable – a painting is often colourful and we are conditioned to expect that things need to coordinate for an interior to be successful.

So what should it match? The sofa? The cushions? The rug? In a neutral interior there is much less to think about but if there is a strong colour scheme, it is often a worry that the painting will not sit well within it.

My view is that a painting needn’t necessarily match anything (even though it can). Rather, it should sit well in its environment, it should reflect the tastes of its owners, and it should be a distinct object from the rest of the furnishings. Art needs to have presence. That presence can be bold or subtle but it has to have its own separate voice.

Remember that there isn’t just one absolute rule for success here. I have put together a few options and explained why I think they work well. If you have ever wondered whether a painting you love will go well with your interiors, I hope I can show you that you have more freedom and options than you may realise. Read the full article and see the examples here.

Painting by Kasia Clark in a customers house

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See the painting in a room – Schauen Sie sich das Bild in einem Raum an –

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