Print Series

The print series are designed to make original art available for affordable prices for new art collectors and those art lovers who want to collect one of my art pieces but don’t want a larger original at this moment of time.

Special Offer

At moments I provide a special time restricted offer. You will find it here on this page. Always the first to be informed about special offers are my email subscribers. They will get first notice and first choice.

My special offer for the new year was a limited Fine Art printing edition, inspired by one of my journeys to rather exotic places:
“The Desert Trip Prints”.
I am really excites about this project as it is the first time ever I work with prints. I am happy to be able to offer my artwork for an affordable price for those who love it. The print series was released 25th January 2020, after the pre-view for for my newsletter subscribers. The offer ended 08th of Februar 2020

Many prints have been sold. This series is partly available. See all details of this print series here.

Eleven beautiful prints on 300 gram paper rag!

If you are interested to be one of the first to get notice and have the advantage of first glance and first choice for a very special price you can join my newsletter here. Normally my newsletter will be English, but sometimes I write them in German and Spanish too.

Wellcome! You are on the list! I am looking forward to be in contact with you! Kind regards, Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel

The little pink house – Memories of Greenland

A second series of prints is available. “The little pink house” features memories of an impressive Greenland journey. The contrast between the harsh and wide landscape and the little pink house, a tiny shelter in this repellent nature, is very capturing and emotional.

Browse the series here……

What you can expect

The print series are professional printed in a Fine Art Prints specialised printing studio. They come on lovely soft 310 gram archivable paper. The edition is limited to 10 prints per sheet. You can start to collect the series with a single print or you choose several.

The prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Shipping is free in the European Union.

Free shipping during the offer world wide
A very special present!

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