Terms and Conditions and FAQ

Every month I put one painting on my website for sale. If the painting is not sold, it will go back to my exhibition stock and will not be available for a while or longer.

Special option of the “painting of the month”:

  • shipping within Europe Union at no cost for you!
  • depending on the measurements of the paintings, shipping will be in a hard cardboard box, a wooden create or in a role.
  • the paintings are not framed – unless it is indicated. Paintings are normaly on streched canvas and they are ready to hang.
  • Paintings shipped in a wooden crate and cardboard are ready to hang.
  • Paintings shipped in a role: They come with strechers in the parcel and a description. Maybe you will find it easier to ask a framemaker to stretch the painting for you.
  • Prices are “artist prices”, this means the best price you can get. All possible  commissions are deducted and the shipping is free for this art work within the European Union.
  • The prices are promotion prices, as it is a short term offer only for a month.
  • Paying conditions and delivery:
    We would like to be in telefone- or e-mail contact with you before the purchasing process. We need your e-mail address for communication, your mail address for shipping and your telephone number in order to be able to address possible problems.
  • As soon as we receive your payment we will start the packaging process and send the painting to you. We will send you a notice about the estimated date, when you can expect the painting.
  • Our return-policy:
    If you don’t like the product we will accept a return of the painting within two weeks after delivery. The shipping in this case has to be paid by you. The packaging has to to be the same as it was shipped to you, taking care that the painting can not be harmed by the shipping and/or packaging process. We will return the money to you as soon as the painting is back unharmed at our place.


Painting of the Month November 2018


This painting is 20×20 cm. Acrylic on canvas , in a customised frame with a vintage touch. Signed and dated on the back. It is shipped in a strong cardboard box. It is sold for 115 € instead of 150 €.

As this is my first try with this format, I have not had any FAQ, indeed, until now, there is NO question. So feel free for asking!