The “Painting of the Month”

Every month I offer a painting for a special sale. If the painting is not sold, it will go back to my exhibition stock and will be not be available for a while or longer. I try to give myself a challange to produce some new paintings every month and will choose one for this page! I am interested to know, what you think!

The option of the “Painting of the Month” has many advantages for you!

Terms for special offer: “The painting of the month”

  1. The painting will be delivered free of charge for you to your doorstep.
    The shipping within the European Union is free for you!
  2. Ready to hang! Just put a nail into the wall!
    Offered paintings are ready to hang. They are not framed – unless it is indicated. In this case the price of the frame will be included in the offered price.
  3. Prices are “artist prices”. This means for you the best price you can get. All possible commissions that normely come with artwork, are deducted. Free delivery to your door step.
  4. The prices are promotion prices, as this is a short term offer only for a month.
  5. The paintings are carefully packed by the artist herself. You find a personal postcard and a cerificate about the artwork in the parcel.
  6. Depending on the measurements of the paintings, shipping will be in a cardboard box or a wooden create.
  7. Address your question to the artist and we will be happy to answer. Read more about the terms and conditions and FAQ here before you purchase the painting!

 “Stars”- Painting of the Month of December 2018!

As this is the painting for the month December and we are heading for the Holy Night, for Christmas and dark nights, searching for the stars the three kings where following, I choose this “Night-Blue Star-Sky” painting. It has a vibrant blue color with golden marks in it. This is another special offer from my small painting series. It has a brother or a sister that I will offer next month. If you go to my small painting series you might guess, which one it is. To check it out click 🙂 here!   If blue is your colour and you like to see more,  click here!

See details here, click onto the pictures to enlarge!

If you more like to have the painting at your “fingertips” how about this?  You can purchase this unique bag for for 38 €uros.  Please contact me before you buy.

Tote bag star front , ca. 45×45 cm

The painting “Stars”:
ca.  27 x 21 cm acrylic on plywood, framed, 2018  (or “10,6” x “8,3”)
Acrylic on plywood, signed and dated on the back. The painting is framed with a wooden frame, off-white on golden ground with vintage  flair. It is customized framed by a frame maker and ready to hang. The work will be shipped to you in a strong cardboard box.

Purchase it for as a very special Xmas offer for 99 € instead of 160 €.

If you have any questions, please leave a message here, I will be happy to answer them.

"Stars" Acrylgemälde in kleinem Format

Painting, acrylic on wood, ca 27×21 cm, wooden frame tailor made.

This painting is acrylic on plywood. Signature on the back. Painted 2018 by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel. Comes with a certificate. Includes a personal postcard from the artist. Will be sent in a hard cardboard box. Shipping in the European Union is included.