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I am a painter and I love to paint colorful and partly in bigger scale. My paintings mostly are full of energy and very joyful. They will give a touch of light-heartedness to any room and add a statement of your personality to your home or office.

Merlin 70x50x04 cm

I am not only a painter but also a traveller and art lover. These three passions I like to share – time by time – with you!  

I am working steadily at my paintings and present the new works to my audience. I take part in many exhibitions.  I travel to exciting regions and museums ( like Greenland , West-China, Morocco or the desert in South California, just recently) and I  visit fantastic exhibitions like the larges museum of Modern Art in the US, the MassMoMa , of which many may not have heard). I collect wonderful impressions which find their way into my paintings and into my blog.  

Learn about the characteristics of my art in a minute!

Learn about the essentials of my art in less then a minute!

I forgot, I am a passionate cat lover. One is the princess of our home!

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