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Very much welcome on my website!

I am happy to welcome you on my page! This website is my attempt to stay in contact with friends worldwide and with all the wonderful people, who are interested in my art and in art in general. I am an artist, a traveler and an art lover. These three passions I like to share – time by time.

As I have the opportunity to travel to exciting regions ( like Greenland in 2018 or West-China some time before, just recently Morocco) I collect wonderful impressions that find their way into my paintings but also are kept in lots of photos.  I travel to many cities and visit fantastic exhibitions and museums (like the larges museum of modern Art in the US, the MassMoMa  of which many may not have heard) and I love to share these impressions with you.

My next journey will go to the United States – we will be happy to meet up with family and friends in different places. I am especially looking forward to the part of my birthday holiday which will bring us to California, which I have never seen.
So lets see what this country holds for my artist eye!

Curious about something? If you are interested in one of my “adventures”:  journeys, museums or paintings and if you would like to learn more about it, just leave a comment or send me an e-mail or inscribe for my Newsletter here! I will be happy to be in a dialogue with you!

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I am a painter and I love to paint colorful and partly in bigger scale. My paintings mostly are full of energy and very joyful. They will give a touch of light-heartedness to any room and add a statement of your personality to your home or office.

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Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel