Visitors in the exhibition Sol y Sombra by the Costa del Arte Collective
A semi-abstract painting with red and grey under €
View of a wall of the exhibition Sol y Sombra
Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel between two of her large paintings
Painting Wonderworld by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel

Colours are my passion. I search for harmony and surprise and aim to bring joy and energy with my art.

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A colourful painting with pink and orange that shows passion with colours that can give energy.
Still Pink Times, 2020

Where there is art, there is life.
Dónde hay arte hay vida.

I am participating in the
What is that? In short:
Artists are selling art works for 200 € or less and when they have gained 1000 € they share with another artist by buying an artwork for 200 € from him or her!
See my colourful and joyful paintings here!

“Your art makes my heart warm and happy and my mind full of imagination


What an explosion of beauty and vitality! Not being an artist myself I can’t believe you had all these beautiful things inside you, that you could bring to life . It is the magic of inspiration and talent.”


“Really wonderful paintings. I admire everyone who can use colours so expressively.”


 A client forwarded my newsletter to a friend. That’s what the friend said:

I absolutely enjoyed Gerrit’s “ Update on an artists life”, my goodness she’s a talented lady,  her art work is excellent, and her writing so fluid and exciting. Her narrative is so inviting so creative you really warm to the person.  She creates a wonderful picture of the exit from “ lockdown “ in Spain. Your  masterpiece is beautiful, the colours, shapes so vibrant.”

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You find some of my work in the following galleries:
Art Gallery van Gestel, Marbella, Spain
Saphira & Ventura, New York
Saachi Art

I am happy to see you here! Let me know, if I can help you with any questions or wishes!

Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel and “Think big dream in colour”

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