My Rose Garden – a series of 5 prints

I was fascinated by the incredible lush blooming of the roses – where ever I walked they would catch my eye and the scent would tempt my nose. I couldn’t resist but take them as my model for “My Rose Garden” which became a series of 5 prints, all based on digital works on my iPad, as my studio was out of reach. Now you find them here in the shop. A high quality print looking very tempting.

In case you wonder why you also find peonies in “My Rose Garden” – that’s due to the German language. Peonies are called “roses” as well, exactly Pfingsrosen. Translated that would mean Pentecost roses.

My Rose Garden – Overview

A study in light, colour, and form. Created on my painting program on my iPad, while I waited for a surgery appointment. Doing it was refreshing for my soul. I hope the roses will be a delight for you too. Each is available as a 30×40 cm giclée print on archival paper.

What is a giclée print? Learn more about giclée prints here!