“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”
(Wassily Kandinsky)

My inspiration – it`s all about colour

Colour is my inspiration, acrylic is my tool. My work is all about colour.
I work fast and intuitive. In my mostly abstract-expressive works I am looking for energy and harmony, excitement and calmness, decisiveness and easiness . I aim to establish an atmosphere that nourishes and inspires the viewer with a strong and mostly cheerful touch and transfers some good and strong energy. So my work is about color, joy and energy too.
I am interested in ambiguity, in the openness of an image. I want to provide for the viewer the freedom to discover new things, to look at the image again and again and to interpret it anew. I am fascinated by the sensuality of colours. Sensuality and freedom matter to me and to my work.

Painting was an urgent necessity for me when I started. I needed to create a complementary world to my then profession as a consultant in the industry. I loved my work but I felt it was missing an important part of me. Putting colour onto canvas became an act of freedom and tenderness.
I am a traveller and I am especially attracted by deserts. I am fascinated by the deserts uncultivated “just being as it is”, not to pretend to be anything else, not to be something useful – to be wild, ugly, beautiful, boring , soothing – just being itself. This is something that I love in painting – what happens happens and that is fine, it is a value in itself.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
(Pablo Picasso)


A German native, Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel currently resides with her husband Peter and their feline friend Princess Miez in Germany and Spain. An artist with over 20 years of experience and former leadership coach, Gerrit is known for her colourful and vivid abstract expressionist style acrylic paintings. Gerrit has exhibited her art in Germany, Spain and the U.S.A. Her art is to be seen in Gallery van Gerstel, Marbella; Saphira &Ventura, New York City and at Saatchi Art as well in her studio in Bonn and Marbella. A source for her art are also the many exotic places she has travelled including Ladakh, the Silk Road, Namibia, Greenland, Western China and Bhutan.

Death Valley

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