That’s up in January – Exhibitions Worldwide!!!

End of the year 2019 my schedule was still rather blank – only a few days into the new year it already gets a bit crowded with exhibitions!


Saphira & Ventura Gallery 04th of February 2020

Date has been changed!!!! see below!

12 of my paintings 12“x12“ ( 30×30 cm) are sitting in this mid-town New York gallery and are waiting for their stage call! Here it is: 4th of February to 20th of February my paintings will have their New York debut in a group show – wish I were there! ( The planning to do it in January has been postponed). The gallery has not yet announced it in public – seem to be a secret still – so I will keep you posted!

Read about my first exciting visit in the New York Gallery Saphira & Ventura, where I arrived with a huge suitcase of paintings…..Click here!


Las Lagunas, Mijas 24th of January 2020

More on the sunny side of the world the the never tired great art lover Raphael Fernandez Pacheco has organized a new exhibition in the beautiful exhibition room in Las Lagunas, Mijas. My artist fellow from Costa del Arte Collective , Sally Hirst and I will take part in this interesting group show of Spanish and International artists.

If you happen to be at the Costa del Sol, safe this date: 24th of January 2020. The exhibition is open till 10th of February. Inauguration 24th of January at 8 pm. You are very welcome!

Get a short impression from December 2018 exhibition in the beautiful rooms of the Casa Cultura, Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa


“THE DESERT TRIP PRINTS” Release date for Subscribers 17.01.2020, Public release 25.01.2020

The Internet offers incredible possibilities! 2019 was definitely my Internet-Work-Shop-Fan year! During one of these beautiful internet workshops – in this case “ The small art challenge” of Sergio Gomez, an artist and curator from Chicago I used my holidays in Palm Springs and the surrounding deserts to create a lovely digital series of my desert trip.

This in itself was an experiment. Finding a printer who is specialized in Fine Art Prints needed a lot of time, many trial and errors and test prints. This was another adventure. But that is done!!! Now I hold the prints in my hands, beautiful colors, wonderful paper, nice look and nice feel, printed by a very professional print shop. Offering my art worldwide with an online release now is the next experiment I am going to go for.

Special offer for my newsletter readers

A I have a special offer for my newsletter subscribers: a preview for some 4 days, to be the the first to see “The desert trip prints” and choose from this series of 11 prints, which will be published as a Limited Edition of 10 prints each painting, all hand signed and numbered by the artist. The release date for subscribers is 17th of January till the 20th of January 2020.

Saturday the 25th oh January the series will be released via my website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn worldwide. This special offer will be available for two weeks.

If you are interested to be with the first to be informed about my new works, exhibitions and artists adventures, join my VIP email list here. Of course you can cancel it when ever you feel like it.

You want to sneak in some photos of my desert trip, that inspired me for this series? Click here!

And if you want to eat in Mijas….see my paintings there!

Paintings in Alboca Gastro, Mijas

Till end of March you will be able to enjoy “Dine and Vine” with view on my paintings in “Alboca Gastro” a charming small restaurant just near the large plaza of Mijas. Thanks to Rafael Fernandez Pacheco who is a great ambassador of the arts I have the opportunity to show some of my larger paintings to “the world”. As the restaurant will be closed from 20th of January to 4th February . My paintings will be to be seen through February and probably March too.