2017 Art Walk in Cómpeta/ Kunstspaziergang in Cómpeta/

Spring is coming and the doors of artists studios are opening again. This week we made an excursion to Cómpeta, a white village – or shall I say: a white town? – waiting hight in the mountains of the Axarquia at the end of a curving road, winding along the slopes of the fertile, beautiful valley. Fantastic weather  added to the pleasure of visiting many art studios in the the charming village, that is nestled into the mountains. 22 locations and works of 38 international artist and some steep streets made the trail a fascinating advanture. Feet and eyes were a bit exhausted at the end of the day. But we went home very happy after this enriching event.

Impressions from the Art Trail

You find the artist name when you click on the photos.


When I remember right, this were the first position we visited till number 8. Inbetween we always enjoyed the views that Cómpeta offered us on our Trail.

We made a longer stop in the charming Galeria Luz de la Vida, who offered the works of different artist and some tempting bites and a charming place in the little yard. If I understood it right, the lady who runs the Galerie is also the organizer of the Art Walk. We met the artist Paz Sanz Fle, who shows several of her dreaming lady sculptures. Thank you for the nice portrait, Paz: is it true, that every work of art is a self portrait?

More Impressions follow, I hope I got the names right, but you will find them all, when you visit the trail!

We were really deep in the “Campo”, our last meeting short after leaving Cómpeta

More Information about the Art Walk you find under www.artcompeta.com and Facebook.com/artcompeta. The walk is still open 15. and 16.04.17

If  you miss it, come next year!

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