Small sized paintings

A small painting in your room can be like the little dot on the “i”. It can be an eye catcher and highlight a quiet spot, something that lightens a darker corner or a small piece of wall. It is a wonderful companion of a second painting same size and it makes a great team mate in a gallery wall.

Put an eye catching highlight on your quiet places.

The small sized paintings presented here are not bigger than 50 cm. They are painted on different materials like wood, stretched canvas, cardboard or paper. They will be shipped in a parcel or a strong envelope.

A beautiful corner in the bathroom with the two ponds SOLD.
Red Moon Serenade 1 SOLD and 2 available

Available in NYC, Gallery Saphira & Ventura

In Summer 2019 I was addressed by the Gallery Saphira & Ventura, situated in the heart of Manhattan, New Your City. In October of the same year my husband and I boarded the plain to our stopover in New York on our way to California. A huge suitcase full of paintings and frames travelled with us. An adventures journey and an exiting meeting in the gallery followed. If you want to know more about this adventure, read more here. The following images show art works which you find in the Gallery Saphira & Ventura, New York. They are squares 30×30 cm, mostly on board or cardboard.
See the full choice here.

Orange Dancing 1

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 50x50x4 cm

Orange Dancing 2

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 50x50x4 cm

The Desert Adventure

A series of 20x20x04 cm paintings acrylic on stretched canvas.

Small paintings can highlight a little corner and convert it into an eye catcher.

Small Paintings

If you are interested to get to know more small paintings you will find them on this website here under Artist Support Pledge and under Prints Overview.

I am putting together a catalogue especially about my small paintings so let me know if you want to have a download version. It will give you all details about sizes, material and prices.

Little Farm House

I am a always attracted by houses over which hovers a hint of loneliness and decay. This one I discovered on one of our trips to the Atlantic Coast. Acrylic on stretched canvas, 30×20 cm

A couple of two small paintings highlighting a cosy sofa corner and giving it a very relaxing atmosphere.

SOLD Pond 1 and 2

Let’s together find something for you.