11th Art Walk Cómpeta – nearly there! /11th Art Walk Cómpeta – ¡próximamente!

11th Art Walk Cómpeta – nearly there!  /11th Art Walk Cómpeta – ¡próximamente!

Art Walk Cómpeta starts at Easter – El “Paseo del Arte Cómpeta” empeza en Semana Santa.

Easter time is coming and with it the 11th edition of the Art Walk Cómpeta! A great event to which I am very much looking forward, as I am a member of the preparation team and an exhibiting artist. You will find me at the location 5. The Art Walk Cómpeta is the first to open a row of art events in Andalusia that I am taking part in or which I like very much. The Art Walk is more than an Art Walk, its truly a Festival of Art, organized since 6 years by the artist Lieuwke Loth who also runs the Galeria Luz de la Vida in Cómpeta. This wonderful event is organized completely by volunteers without any funding! Get more information about the Art Walk here:

The Art Walk is coming soon! Get some information here. Don’t miss this great event at 20/21 and 23/24 of April.
¡Art Walk Cómpeta llegará pronto! Obtener información aquí. ¡No te pierdas Art Walk 2019! Es 20/21 y 23/24 de abril.

Don’t miss the great Art Walk event with more than 35 artists from 9 nations, with art workshops and live music everyday! Enjoy the excursion to the charming village of Cómpeta with its vibrant artistic atmosphere! Stroll through the numerous art exhibitions, participate in an art workshop and enjoy our exquisite live music program as well! Its worth staying some days in this beautiful mountain village and explore the art and the village and the nature with its great offers!

I was so lucky to take part last year in the Art Walk Cómpeta….nice memories:

You will find information about last years Art Walk in Cómpeta here. You will find detailed information at www.artcompeta.com

Sneak pre-view to my exhibition this year! ¡Un adelanto de mi exposición este año!

I am bringing a bigger collection of paintings – I think 80% of them are new. You will see bigger formats as well as very small ones. But be sure, all will be full of vibrant colours.

Again I will share the location with a photographer, this time with Mariska Luth from the Netherlands. See more of her work here: Made by Luth. Opposite of studio 5 you will find at venue 6 the German abstract painter Michael Schumann, who offers a great collection of square paintings.

On our way to our place, you can make a little excursion to a wonderful sculptor garden, in the middle of the white village (Location 8) ! Definitely worth a visit! Dragons and more are waiting for you!!!  And 38 artists, art workshops, music, a Theater group roaming through the streets, a beautiful village with lots of wonderful bars and restaurants, great views and a real artistic and vibrant atmosphere. I am sure, you will enjoy!

You will also meet members of the Costa del Arte Collective, four of them are exhibiting! Great art to be seen!


Find it all here: more about Costa del Arte Collectives new exhibition and about the walk:  www.artcompeta.com or Facebook artcompeta and CdAC at the art walk.

I am writing, not too frequently, a newsletter about my art and art events I am taking part in as well about art events that I like in different parts of the world. If you are interested to receive it, sign in here. Of course you can cancle it, when ever you want!

Are you ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

Are you ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

The ongoing exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida will end with a Finissage on Sunday the 16.09.18! Treat yourself to a great day out in Cómpeta! We have put together some very pleasant events for you!

All details about the Gallery at the bottom of the page.
The lively white village of Cómpeta and the nature park

The lively village of Cómpeta and the nature park

Visit the lively white village of Cómpeta – a great village in the mountains, 16 km up from the coast – situated at the foot of the nature park “Sierra de Almijara”. If you like adventure, drive up the dirt road to the nature park and enjoy breath taking views and a breathtaking road!

A tasty 4 course Lunch at the Finca

If you like to have a great lunch, reserve a place and enjoy the culinary delights of a 4 course menu at the Finca de las Sierras. The Finca treats you to a wonderful surrounding, the tasty food of the Chef, the live music of Duo Masque and great views. Get in touch with some art works by members of the Costa del Arte Collective, which are exhibited at the Finca. Get to know the artists, talk privately with Lieuwke Loth and Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel, who will be present.

Chill out at the Finissage at 6 pm in the Gallery. Enjoy

Be part of the Finissage of the Costa del Arte exhibition in the charming Galeria Luz de la Vida with music and drinks. You will enjoy the cooling and relaxing atmosphere of the authentic and characteristic Spanish building of the Galeria. You will be delighted by the light-hearted and joyful exhibition of the Costa del Arte Collective.


You will find fascinating bronze and steel sculptures by Lieuwke Loth, surreal paintings in the style of the old Dutch masters by Anouk Slegers, very tactile ab7stract landscapes painted on canvas with oil, bee’s wax and sand by Annabel Keatley and vibrant, colourful abstract – expressionist paintings by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel. Ask Annabel Keatley how she is creating her most beautiful artwork with such interesting ingredients like bee’s wax and sand.

Browse through the Gallery and be ready to be surprised by the treasures there! Maybe you will already find the first Christmas present! Sit in the sculpture garden and enjoy the music of Duo Masque, get to know new people and chat! We are open at 5 pm!
Drive home happily and safely after a great day out!

2018-09 Plakat für Finissage Entwurf 1a

The exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective will go on till 16.09.18
Opening times :
Galeria Luz de la Vida
Laberinto bajo 15, Cómpeta
Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm, Saturday afternoon closed.
Sneak in at other days, maybe we are open! 🙂 You are very welcome!

May be your interested in the “Painting of the month”? Click here!

Costa del Arte Collective goes public! Visit our exhibition in Cómpeta!

Costa del Arte Collective goes public! Visit our exhibition in Cómpeta!

Exhibition in Cómpeta in the Galeria Luz de la Vida till 16.09.18!

Costa del Arte Collective goes public! Visit our exhibition in Cómpeta!

Klick onto the link above or on the title to get to the information!

Klicken Sie auf den Link oben oder auf den Titel, um die Information zu erhalten!

Preparing for the Art Walk Compéta-Preparándose para el Art Walk Cómpeta

Preparing for the Art Walk Compéta-Preparándose para el Art Walk Cómpeta

Since quite a while I am preparing for the Art Walk Compéta which will start on Easter Saturday! Orange and blue have been fascinating me! See the results in Cómpeta!

¡Desde hace un tiempo me estoy preparando para el Paseo del Arte de. Cómpeta  que comenzará el sábado de la Semana Santa! ¡Naranja y azul me han fascinado! ¡Mira los resultados en Cómpeta!

Squares again—Wieder beim Quadrat—Entonces Cuadrados.

Squares again—Wieder beim Quadrat—Entonces Cuadrados.

Preparing for the exhibition in Cómpeta

When I started painting, I was very much in love with the format of a square. Lately the rectangle format then moved in, especially nice for bigger formats. Since some days I want to buy some nice rectangle canvases- no chance to build them myself as it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ since two weeks ; feels much longer. Even driving to the art suppliers in the city is no fun with heavy rains and parking at a distance. So I had to go today with what was in stock: squares again.

Bei den Vorbereitungen für den Art Walk Cómpeta

In der ersten Zeit meiner Malerei war ich begeistert von quadratischen Formaten. Sie haben mich auch immer wieder begleitet. Mit den größeren Formaten wurden die rechteckigen Formate für mich interessant. Seit einigen Tagen schon wollte ich Leinwände kaufen, an selber bauen ist nicht zu denken. Das geht nur auf der Terrasse und auf die regnet es seit zwei Wochen in Strömen. Selbst die Fahrt zum Künstlerbedarf in der Stadt ist vollkommen unattraktiv, bei heftigem Regen von einem entfernten Parkplatz dort hin zu gelangen ist eine wenig inspirierende Vorstellung. So musste ich auf meine Vorräte zurückgreifen: wieder ein Quadrat!

Acrylic on canvas 40×40 cm (top) and 20×20 cm

Why Blue-porque Azul-warum Blau?

Why Blue-porque Azul-warum Blau?

One day I was working on a painting and wondering, why I was using so much blue colours. My painting style is very intuitive, so it just “happened”, nothing in my mind. I called the painting “Why blue?”. A painted question. Lately I painted some small paintings (20×20 cm), for the summer exhibition in father Galeria Luz de la Vida in Cómpeta, again following my intuition, just with a headline in my mind. I wanted to play around, experiment and have fun. This was my intention in the series “color plates”. What happen was a lot of turquoise and blue. I tried red- very difficult. I tried yellow- no way.

I choose a photo that attracted me, Cactus with a lot of  of blue. So the answer is a very simple one: in this hot summer with the sea in front of me and the ever so huge blue sky over me, there is no choice but blue.

Vor einiger Zeit arbeitete ich an einem Bild, verwundert darüber, warum es so blau wurde. Blau ist eigentlich nicht ” meine Farbe”. Da ich beim Malen sehr intuitiv vorgehe, “passierte” es einfach so, ohne Plan. Ich nannte das Bild:  ” Warum blau?”, eine gemalte Frage. Kürzlich machte ich mich an eine Reihe kleiner Formate (20×20 cm) für die Sommerausstellung der Galeria Luz de laVida in Cómpeta. Ich hatte keinen Plan, aber Lust zu experimentieren und meinen spontanen Eingebungen zu folgen. Farbtafeln wollte ich machen. Es entstanden kleine Bilder mit viel Blau und Türkis . Ich versuchte es mit Rot: sehr schwierig. Gelb: das ging gar nicht. Ich suchte mir ein Foto heraus, das mich ansprach und endete bei  Kakteen vor viel blauem Himme. Offensichtlich ist die Antwort doch ganz einfach: in diesem heißen Sommertagen mit dem Meer vor Augen und dem weiten blauen Himmel über mir, gibts keine andere Wahl.

Invitation: Meet the artists – habla con las artistas – Gespräch mit den Künstlerinnen

Invitation: Meet the artists – habla con las artistas – Gespräch mit den Künstlerinnen

Enjoy the art exhibition of 5 international Artist, spend a restful and enchanting time in the wonderful new garden of Galeria Luz de la Vida with a glas of wine listening to the music of the duo Mar y Luz, admire the colorful mosaik, have some tapas and HAVE A PERSONAL TALK WITH THE ARTISTS! Learn about their art and what is moving them. Put your questions! Take a little (or bigger) treasure home! The Swiss Artist Barbara Lenzin, who did the mosaik , the German Artist Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel with her colorful Abstract expressionist paintings and the Dutch sculpturer Liewke Loth with her pieceful and mythic bronze sculptures are looking forward to celebrate with you on the 07.07.17 between 19.00 and 21:00 hours in Cómpeta, Calle Laberinto 15. 

El texto en español sigue las fotos



Disfruta de la exposición de arte de 5 artistas internacionales, pasar un rato relajante y encantador en el maravilloso nuevo jardín de la Galería Luz de la Vida, encanta con una copa de vino a la música del duo Mar y Luz, admira el colorido mosaik y ¡TENGA UNA CHARLA PERSONAL CON LOS ARTISTAS! Aprenda sobre su arte y lo que se mueve. ¡Ponga sus preguntas! Toma a casa un pequeño tesoro! La artista suiza Barbara Lenzin, que hizo el Mosaik, la artista alemana Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel con sus pinturas coloridas del expresionista abstracto y la escultora holandesa Lieuwke Loth con sus esculturas de bronce legendarias y míticas están mirando adelante para celebrar con tí el 07.07.17 entre 19.00 y 21:00 horas en Cómpeta, Calle Laberinto 15.