A place to go to in Málaga! Juan F. Lacomba at the CAC Málaga

A place to go to in Málaga!
Juan Lacomba at the CAC Málaga

This was my very first visit to a museum since February this year, when I went to see the exhibition in the Museum Jorge Rondo, a secret tip for Málaga and definitely another place to go to in Málaga!

The CAC MÁLAGA is a temple for contemporary art. It has its home in a spacious and “clean” white building. Mostly three exhibitions are running at the same time. We visited the incredible show “Lacomba. Aqui a lo lejos”.

Having all the art for us alone!

Paintings of Lacomba in the CAC Málaga

For me stepping into a museum is like entering another realm. For me its a place of contemplation and joy. After a short fever measuring and putting our masks we were allowed to visit this great “free of charge” museum. Setting my feet into this temple of culture after long months of cultural starving was an incredible feeling. Seeing the paintings of Lacomba so wonderful set in this great environment was sheer joy. The more as it was a very specific Corona experience: we were the only visitors to have all this art for us – well watched by the personell of the museum. From this experience I can say: a museum is definitely a place to go in Málaga or elsewhere in these times. Maybe better to avoid the weekend.

The show features the Sevillian artist Lacomba. “Here in the Distance, curated by Fernando Francés, reveals the artist’s fascination with the landscape of Doñana and its marsh from the mid-1990s to the present day. The show surveys the last three decades of his artistic career through 179 small and large-format canvases, including several works that have never been exhibited until now. Here in the Distance conveys the artist’s engagement with and immersion in nature, seeking beauty and mystery with the aim of establishing an intimate rapport with viewers.” (Quote from the CAC website).

I haven’t been yet to the landscape of Doñana, which is a nature park with a lot of water and marsh land. But I spend my holiday some times in a place in New Hampshire where I also find wild landscape and a lot of water and millions of little animals and flowers, plants and insects to be observed. The paintings immensely reminded me of my experience in those holidays when I visited this wonderful woodland!

An impressing nature experience

Looking at one painting shows that they seem to be very simple. In combination with others it is a great feeling, like looking in a water landscape and seeing thousand little things. The color experience as well is fascinating.

Looking at this painting really gives the experience you have, when you look on to a reflecting, flickering water surface. But really elated I was by the views of these assemblies:

Enjoy a bit of the exhibition with this short video:

Really a place to go in Málaga! It will be open till 30th of August. I surely will go another time and have a look at my Photos from the Woodland in between. Maybe there will something occur in my art again?!

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A place to go in in Málaga!
Juan Lacomba at the CAC Málaga!

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