Are you ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

The ongoing exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida will end with a Finissage on Sunday the 16.09.18! Treat yourself to a great day out in Cómpeta! We have put together some very pleasant events for you!

All details about the Gallery at the bottom of the page.
The lively white village of Cómpeta and the nature park

The lively village of Cómpeta and the nature park

Visit the lively white village of Cómpeta – a great village in the mountains, 16 km up from the coast – situated at the foot of the nature park “Sierra de Almijara”. If you like adventure, drive up the dirt road to the nature park and enjoy breath taking views and a breathtaking road!

A tasty 4 course Lunch at the Finca

If you like to have a great lunch, reserve a place and enjoy the culinary delights of a 4 course menu at the Finca de las Sierras. The Finca treats you to a wonderful surrounding, the tasty food of the Chef, the live music of Duo Masque and great views. Get in touch with some art works by members of the Costa del Arte Collective, which are exhibited at the Finca. Get to know the artists, talk privately with Lieuwke Loth and Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel, who will be present.

Chill out at the Finissage at 6 pm in the Gallery. Enjoy

Be part of the Finissage of the Costa del Arte exhibition in the charming Galeria Luz de la Vida with music and drinks. You will enjoy the cooling and relaxing atmosphere of the authentic and characteristic Spanish building of the Galeria. You will be delighted by the light-hearted and joyful exhibition of the Costa del Arte Collective.


You will find fascinating bronze and steel sculptures by Lieuwke Loth, surreal paintings in the style of the old Dutch masters by Anouk Slegers, very tactile ab7stract landscapes painted on canvas with oil, bee’s wax and sand by Annabel Keatley and vibrant, colourful abstract – expressionist paintings by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel. Ask Annabel Keatley how she is creating her most beautiful artwork with such interesting ingredients like bee’s wax and sand.

Browse through the Gallery and be ready to be surprised by the treasures there! Maybe you will already find the first Christmas present! Sit in the sculpture garden and enjoy the music of Duo Masque, get to know new people and chat! We are open at 5 pm!
Drive home happily and safely after a great day out!

2018-09 Plakat für Finissage Entwurf 1a

The exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective will go on till 16.09.18
Opening times :
Galeria Luz de la Vida
Laberinto bajo 15, Cómpeta
Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm, Saturday afternoon closed.
Sneak in at other days, maybe we are open! 🙂 You are very welcome!

May be your interested in the “Painting of the month”? Click here!

The Power of Art – How Paintings change your Room

A painting is a very powerful instrument to give spirit and life to your office or home. Depending on style, color and size it “makes”the room or it adds kind of statement, that you want to make. A painting as well reveals a bit about your personality. A painting in your room is what the eyes are in the face: they attract because they are speaking, they can hide something and they can reveal something about your mood, your spirit, your personality.

Two paintings, that “make” the entrance hall of an Apartment Hotel in Bonn

Wood 1 and Wood 2 were inspired by a holiday I spend on the Darß – a peninsular in the Baltic sea. Riding with the bicycle through the endless woods at the coast with its thousands of rather straight trees and the changing lights impressed me a lot.


Now these large paintings (145×160 cm and 160×145 cm) are the lead theme for  the design of this entrance hall of the Apartment Hotel Kaiser Karl in Bonn. They add some charme and character to the hall and they clearly give the mission to the visitors, that this is not a simple business place but a house with personality and individuality.

If you are in Bonn, feel free to visit the hotel. The staff will be happy to show you my paintings. You will find more in a permanent exhibition of paintings by me on the souterrain. I found this photos and hotel information at Kaiser-Karl-Apartmenthotel

Costa del Arte Collective goes public! Visit our exhibition in Cómpeta!

Exhibition in Cómpeta in the Galeria Luz de la Vida till 16.09.18!

Costa del Arte Collective goes public! Visit our exhibition in Cómpeta!

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“….dónde estás, Salomón?” Exhibition in Coín till end of August

Don’t miss it! Coín has had a great cultural night,  „la Noche al Raso“ (night under the stars)! Still to admire is an exhibition in the Convento de Santa Maria de la Encarnacion in the middle of the charming white village. To be seen are paintings of Anouk Slegers , Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel (member of Costa del Arte Collective) and the art work of 11 more artists! Thanks to Rafael Fernandez Pacheco who set up this exhibition !




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Besuch bei den Künstlern in Gaucin / Visiting the Artists in Gaucin

Eines meiner schönsten Erlebnisse im letzten Jahr war der Besuch der offenen Studios der Künstler von Gaucin.  Auch dieses Jahr öffneten die Künstler ihre Ateliers. Ein Datum, das rot in meinem Kalender markiert ist. Die Fahrt ein gelber Rausch blühender Büsche, die Straße ein abenteuerlicher Flickenteppich aus Asphalt und der Anblick der Landschaft fantastisch. Aber auch künstlerisch ist dies ein Ereignis, das man auf keinen Fall verpassen sollte. Die 17 Studios sind über das kleine weiße Dorf verteilt und der Weg führt durch die Gassen teils in private Häuser, teils in die Werkstätten der Künstler. Immer wieder erhascht man durch die engen Gassen Blicke in die Weite der Landschaft. Und zum Erholen locken viele Tapasbars und Restaurants , die auch alle in der Karte verzeichnet sind, die man auf der Webseite des Kunstevents von Gaucin herunterladen kann./
One of the most exciting experiences were the visits to the open studios of the artists in Gaucin in Andalucia.This year again the artists opened their workshops to the public. A date that is marked in red in my calendar. The drive is a yellow intoxication of blooming bushes, the road an adventure of a bumpy quilted road in a fantastic landscape. But also from the artistic angle this is an event which is a Must. The 17 workshops are spread out through the small white village and the way leads through alleys to private homes and the workshops of the artists. Time and again you can grasp a glimpse of the wide landscape through tha small streets.Should you need a rest – there are many tempting small tapas bars and restaurants which are marked on the map of the event in Gaucin and can be down loaded.

Der Weg zur ersten Station -Nr. 17 -noch im Tal abseits der Straße führt uns zu den Keramiken, Skulpturen und Holzdrucken von Anna McGrane. Auf einem zauberhaften Grundstück mit weitem Blick und bunten Holzmöbeln auf der Terrasse werden wir freundlich vom Hund und von der irischen Künstlerin Anna empfangen, die uns hinunter zu ihrem Studiohäuschen führt./
Our first stop -Nr.17 – is the valley outside the village and leads us to the ceramics, sculpzures and wood prints of Anna McGrane. On a charming piece of land with beautiful views and colorful wooden furniture on the terrace we are greeted by the Irish artist Anna and her dog and led down a gravel path to the little house that contains her studio .

Wer mit Anna Kontakt aufnehmen will kann ihr eine Email schreiben, alle Adressen finden sich auf der Übersichtskarte./
If you want to contact Anna or one of the other artists, you will find the names and adress on the map of the event, that you can download.

Noch abenteuerlicher als der Weg zu Anna gestaltete sich die Fahrt zum Atelier des englischen Künstlers Jim Rattenbury,  der seit 2005 in Spanien lebt. Kilometer über Schotterstraßen, durch Hecken, vorbei an Wiesen, Blumen, Pferden. Dann taucht das Haus und Studio auf und Baustil, Kakteen und Skulpturen versetzten einen fast nach Mexiko. Das Atelier mit hohen Wänden und tausend kleinen und großen Dingen, man könnte Stunden verweilen und nur schauen./
Even more adventurous than the way to Anna is the drive to the English artist Jim Rattenbury, who lives in Spain since 2005. Kilometers over gravel roads, through hedges, past meadows, flowers, horses. Then there is the house and studio and the style, cacti and sculptures give you the feeling of being transferred to Mexico. The work shop with high walls an a thousand small and large items – you can spend hours just browsing, smiling and admiring.

Mich haben besonders die kleinen Kunstwerke fasziniert. Jim sammelt alles – Steine, Metall und mehr, so auch die Schädel der Tiere der Umgebung – und all diese Dinge finden Eingang in seine kleinen und großen Kunstwerke, die für mich sehr poetisch sind. Mehr Auskunft findet sich dazu sicher auf der Webseite von Jim./
I was especially fascinated by the small pieces of art. Jim collects everything – stones, metal und more, even the skulls of indigenous animals – all these things are incorporated in his small and large pieces of art which to me are very poetic. More information I am sure can be found on Jims web site.

Nachdem wir uns in einer kleinen Tapas Bar gestärkt haben, führt uns der Weg zur englischen Künstlerin Jennifer Waterhouse, die in ihren Ölbildern überwiegend  den Ort und die Landschaft, in der sie lebt, wiedergibt. Die Blumenwiesen durch die wir grade gefahren sind, finden wir hier auf den Bildern wieder. Mich haben besonders die Bilder der blühenden Wiesen angesprochen, weil sie etwas von der Stimmung atmen, die diese Jahreszeit ausstrahlt./
After stopping at a small tapas bar our path leads us to the English artist Jennifer Waterhouse, who in her oil paintings mostly reflects the place and landscape where she lives, like the flowery meadows which we just passed on our drive here. Especially the flowery meadows appealed to me since they somehow reflect the mood which emanates from this season of the year.

Weiter geht’s durch die steilen und recht verwinkelten Gässchen zur Nr. 10. Tim Parry, der letztes Jahr noch ein Guest Artist war, lebt heute längere Zeit in Spanien. Er stellt, wie schon im letzten Jahr in einem sehr schönen Privathaus aus. Seine leicht verwischten, figurativen Bilder strahlen eine starke Kraft aus und scheinen eine gute Anhängerschaft gefunden zu haben. Ein Foto gibts dazu aber hier leider nicht. Tim möchte gerne, dass die Interessenten seine Bilder nur life sehen. Mir gefiehlen besonders seine Selbstportraits und ein Hund./
On we go through the steep and winding alleys to number 10 Tim Parry, who last year was a guest artist and who is now a long term resident in Spain. He exhibits – as he did last year – in a very beautiful private house. His slightly blurred, figurative paintings radiate a strong power and seem to have developed a large group of supporters. Unfortunately there are no photos of this work. Tim prefers to have people only view his art personally. I especially liked his self portaits and a dog. 

Weiter in der selben Straße liegt das Ausstellungshaus Nr. 11.  Hier stellen in einem weiteren sehr charmanten Privathaus drei Künstler aus. Neben den Skulpturen von Juan Antonio Sangil und den Bildern von Ana Pellón hat hier auch der oben schon beschriebene Jim Rattenbury einen weiteren Ausstellungsraum./
A little further in the same street lies workshop number 11. In this very charming private home we find the exhibits of three artists. Aside from the sculptures of Juan Antonio Sangil and the paintings of Ana Pellón we find some more pieces of art of the afor mentioned Jim Rattenbury in another room.

Juan arbeitet mit allen möglichen teils schweren Materialien, Ton, Beton, Plastik und was immer so als Abfall kommt und brennt diese Gemische dann in seinen Formen bei hohen Temperaturen. Durch die Verbindung von unterschiedlichen Materialen entstehen reizvolle, teils unebene Oberflächen in den sehr archaischen Formen. Die Verschmelzung von unterschiedlichen Materialen ist auch das, was Juan an seinen Arbeiten reizt – eine sehr schöne Art des “up-cyclings”./
Juan works with many different sometimes quite heavy materials; clay, concrete, plastic and whatever is thrown away and he bakes them in his forms at very high temperatures. The bonding of the various materials creates fascinating and uneven surfaces in very archaic forms. The effects of the different melting qualities of the various materials is what attracts Jim at this kind of work – a very nice form of  “up-cyling”.

In den Bildern von Ana Pelón dreht sich alles um kleine schematisierte Urformen von Häuschen. Auch ein fantastisch restaurierter Eckschrank wird hier verkauft – vielleicht so gar der runde  Tisch?/
Ana Pelóns work is characterized by small arche forms of houses. There also is a artistic restored corner cabinet for sale here- perhaps even the round table?

Unser letzter Besuch für diesen Tag führt uns in das Studio von J.Sanchez Zabaleta, dessen teilweise großformatige, fotorealistisch aber in blassen, ausgewaschenen Tönen gehaltenen Bilder mich schon letztes Jahr fasziniert haben. Um das neue Haus zu finden, das sich Sanchez mit seiner Frau hier gebaut hat, geht es einige Stufen hinauf. Umso schöner der großzügige Raum, in dem sich jetzt im untersten Stockwerk das Atelier befindet./
Our last visit for this day brings us to the workshop of J. Sanchez Zabaleta, whose partially large size, photorealistic paintings which are held in pale, washed-out coloured tones already fascinated me at my visit last year. You have to climb up a few stairs in the village to find the new house which Sanchez and his wife built. A beautiful setting for his generous work shop in the ground floor.

Das war ein voller und wunderschöner Tag, auch wenn der Himmel grau war. Aber was kann es da schöneres geben als von Atelier zu Atelier zu wandern und immer wieder spannende neue Kunstwerke zu entdecken. Noch haben wir einige Positionen nicht besucht. Die sind fürs nächste Wochenende  – den 29. – 30.05.15 – aufgehoben, an dem die Künstler wieder von 11:00 bis 19:oo Uhr ihre Pforten öffnen – so zumindest steht es im Prospekt/
This was a full and wonderful day, even though the sky was grey. But what coud be nicer than to walk from workshop to workshop and discover new works of art at every turn of the corner. There are still some places we have not yet visited. Those we have reserved for the next weekend (May 29 and 30, 2015) when the artists open this doors between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m – when it is, as the map says.

2018 Open Studios Gaucin!
I am in!


Text and Fotos: Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel
Translation to English: Peter Urban