Incredible! The exhibition is open!

Visitors in the exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective Sol y Sombra

“Sol y Sombra – Sun and Shade”

The adventure of building up a non- virtual exhibition!

photos by Anki Fremark

Incredible! The exhibition is open!

Heading for a real live exhibition – adventures from an artists life!

We believed in it, we wanted it, we worked for it and we did it!
And nevertheless: Incredible! The exhibition is open!

In April we, the Costa del Arte Collective, had to cancel our well planned exhibition – as so many had to cancel events they were working hard for. So after the end of our (first?) lockdown we scheduled our next try for October.

Really great news

We have a very good press covering. We filled a wonderful spacious and luminous room with our art. We have an outside area and are near to the centre of the town of Fuengirola, just 3 minutes from the beach.

But nevertheless, the inauguration was coming nearer, the infection rate was increasing and so did our doubts. We became a rather excited about the opening. All security measures were installed, someone was guarding the door to keep the number of visitors right and no seats in the exhibition room, no food and all drinks outside.

We were lucky, four of our five members could come and organize the exhibition: Annabel Keatley, Anouk Slegers, Lieuwke Loth and I. It took many hours to build up the exhibition, but it was really worth it! Sally Hirst had planned to come but circumstances were against it. So she was with us in her thoughts. Four of Sally’s works were even on the wall! Complete representation of the Costa del Arte Collective worked!

For some reason we scheduled the opening for Thursday instead of the usual Friday – how I regretted it and later was very grateful for it. The nearer the inauguration came we learned, new restrictions were on their way! We wondered if we would still be able to open up the exhibition. But we did!!!

Happy Thursday!

Our visitors dropped in in reasonable numbers! We had time and distance to talk about our exhibition and art! The fresh air terrace with Lieuwke Loth’s beautiful sculptures and laser cuts was open to have a sip. Annabel Keatley went home safely to Granada province. How good we chose the Thursdays – The next day she wouldn’t have been able to come – the Granada province had to close its borders.

Sad Sunday with a bit of light!

We are grateful we could greet some art lovers in person! That was soooo nice!
After 7 days of opening we got the news about the community lockdown – which says that we have to stay inside the borders of our community which is not the community of the exhibition. We are happy to know, the exposition will be open till 24th of November for visitors from Fuengirola! The Gallery Art Club members and the Svenska Magasinet take care of it. So opening times are Mo, We, Fr 11h-14h and outside of this times by appointment. Call 639 914 839 to arrange a visit for you and your friend(s) !

Sol y Sombra/Sun and Shade

The exhibition will run till 24th of November in FUENGIROLA, Gallery Art Club

Calle Quemada 8-10

Please contact me for a private visit with a small group here!

poster of the exhibition Sol y Sombra

Find more about the Costa del Arte Collective and the exhibition Sol y Sombra here.

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  1. You have been working really hard. It looks a great show, well done 👍 Judi

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