Moving works and a moving title

Exhibition by Pablo Mercado im Galeria Isolina Arbulu in Marbella

The running exhibition in the the Gallery Isolina Arbulu in Marbella

I saw the introduction picture and the title of the exhibition some weeks ago when I was not yet in Marbella. But the painting and the title captured my attention at once and stick in my head. I was very happy that I got the chance to visit the exhibition which will run till 10th of November.

“Entre el dolor y la nada” by Pablo Mercado

Exhibition by Pablo Mercado im Galeria Isolina Arbulu in Marbella

I have visited several exhibitions in the private gallery of Isolina Arbulu. The gallery has it’s home in an impressive house that you find at the end of some up winding streets. Each time I visited an exhibition I was very pleased and surprised by her choice of interesting artists as well of Isolina’s ability to introduce the artist and the intention behind the art.

The title of this exhibition, which impressed me at once, refers to the writer William Faulkner and his book “The wild palms”.
“Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.”

Three themes are presented in the exhibition: Fragmented memories which were captured in two installations. One you can see here. The Limb of Theseus which tells about the continuation of personality even with replaced body parts. With the third theme – You stain on my skin – Pablo Mercado expresses a feeling which probably everyone knows. He does it in a very simple and incredible touching way. It’s worth reading the short introduction for theses themes ( see below). The different themes visually explore the strange ways our brain tends to work.

Isolina Arbulu gave us a very interesting introduction into the works by Pablo Mercado. His installation didn’t speak to me at the first glance but got a lot of meaning when looking at them with much more understanding. With this background they brought to light many associations and personal experiences in our small group.

The exhibition will end 10th of November. If you want to visit, please contact Isolina Arbulu (click the name). Visits are possible by appointment. I am convinced it will be a rewarding experience!

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