Gallery time in Marbella 2

The perfect Illusion in Gallery Yusto y Giner and a Festival full of Art

A very simple little sign shows the interested visitor the way to the very impressively designed gallery Yusto/Giner, which is located in a POLÍGONO INDUSTRIAL in Marbella. Young people elegant dressed flock in droves to the opening of the new exhibition. Right at the end of the small street you see a huge gate that opens upwards like a garage door and can get a a glimpse of the spacious interior of the gallery.

The premises of this gallery are fantastic, high and spacious. They support the dramatic set up of the current exhibition “Before 1881” , the first solo show by the young artist Julio Anaya Cabanding from Málaga. “He reinterprets the works of the great classical painters in two ways. He works on discarded and deteriorated mediums, collected from abandoned places and rehabilitated in his studio, in order to give the a new identity in a different context.”(Text Yosto/Giner)

The artist creates a perfect illusion – the paintings to be framed by a real frame. But they are not. All you see is a perfect illusion created by a extremely skilled painter. The subjects of the paintings is a homage to Málaga, the birth town of the painter. He is referring to Málaga’s culture of religious imagery, the holy week, he coastal imagery and more.

Consequently the set up of the exhibition in the gallery just creates the illusion of sacred and religious spaces, a double illusion in combination with the paintings. One very impressive painting occupies the distant wall of the large gallery room.

The illusion of a concrete wall with broken bricks is perfect!

The feeling of entering a sacred place is also perfectly evoked here.

"Sacred room" in the exhibition of Yusto/Giner

And here you can admire the wonderful golden frames painted on the deteriorated mediums….. a perfect illusion!

The exhibition will be opened till 10th of September, by appointment only!

Walk under the night sky through art

Charming photo of the FestiArte exhibition in the night
FestiArte in the night

I’m preparing for an event of a very different kind. Together with more than 100 artists I will exhibit on the FestiArte in Marbella which will happen this weekend!
On Thursday the 30th of July, 62 tents will be set up for the artists on the Avenida del Mar. The Avenida extends between the Parque de Alameda and the Paseo del Mar. It is more of a square than an Avenida and is decorated with statues of Dali. A summer nocturnal life will unfold when the many tents are illuminated at night.

Here is a small selection of paintings , which I will take with me to the exhibition.
Together with my colleague Anouk Slegers from the Costa del Arte Collective we will exhibit in tent 20 and 21 and we will be very happy if you come to visit us! You are cordially invited!

Visiting times for FestiArte

The opening of the festival is from 17.30 to 24 hours, (Thursday from 19:30, Sunday until 22.00). The FestiArte is open from Thursday, 30th of July to Sunday, 2n of August!

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