Short look back to FestiArte

Now nearly a months that the the first larger art event in Marbella has taken place! Since long I wanted to show some pics from the Festival, but somehow life got in the way.

This was the festival of many many artist, of hot temperatures with always a nice breeze from the sea. It was very different to events before, as we had much less visitors from other countries than Spain.

The atmosphere was wonderful. We opened in the late afternoon till midnight. We saw the different events of the day passing by: Beach walkers, early dinner eater, normal dinner eater, beautifully dressed young people going out to celebrate life.

I especially cherish the life phases of this kind of exhibitions. The beginning with a lot of hope, the starting of to a new adventure. The phases with hope and the phases with boredom, others with excitement. There is a clear beginning and a clear end to it. Its a pop-up show. Something is new in the world, days later it doesn’t exist any longer. Passages of life.

I had some sales and very interesting talks and many new contacts. I am happy, that the festival could take place, in all these months I have mostly missed (besides a walk outside) the direct contact with the audience.

I was very happy as I had some announced meetings with visitors and also some surprise once!! The day we were building up and opening, I got the invitation for an interview in the German Infomagazin for a Radio interview. It came as a surprise and a rather new experience for me. If you are interested to listen to my part, it starts about after 30 minutes of the interview. Many thanks to German Infomagazin and Dietmar Förster!

It was a pleasure to meet artists friends in person whom I only knew from social media exchange.

Lets have a short walk on the festval…

There is the fun of seeing fellow artists, the pleasure of meeting new artists and the great pleasure to meet people who show interest in art, great pleasure having an interesting and inspiring art talk. And then the rhythm in an exhibition: the poorness of the beginning, the promising, nearly meditation like atmosphere in the beginning, the excitement, when people come in and show interest, can appreciate art and you have a good talk.

Then there are the phases when only “window shoppers” or viewer are coming by, leaving to fast to even say hello. Then its getting a bit boring. Suddenly there are a lot of people you have to talk to. Then there is the last day. Whats going to happen today? A wonder? Will some one take the a large painting home…or nobody?

Finally it comes to “Good Bye”. Its over. That was it. We have had some good encounter, got some addresses of people who have an interested in our art. We have loaded the car and have a look back to 4 days. They were charming, gave a bit of a holiday feeling, had a bit boredom, some excitement and we already think about the next exhibition that will come. See you there!!!!

Learn more about the preparation of the show here.

For your planner!

I a happy to be taking part in the virtual collective exposition Gallery Saphira&Ventura, New York City!

Starts 04.09.2020 , open for 2 weeks.

Next exhibition in Spain, in which I am participating! Keep your fingers that we can meet in Frigiliana!

Would love to see you there!

Gallery time in Marbella 2

The perfect Illusion in Gallery Yusto y Giner and a Festival full of Art

A very simple little sign shows the interested visitor the way to the very impressively designed gallery Yusto/Giner, which is located in a POLÍGONO INDUSTRIAL in Marbella. Young people elegant dressed flock in droves to the opening of the new exhibition. Right at the end of the small street you see a huge gate that opens upwards like a garage door and can get a a glimpse of the spacious interior of the gallery.

The premises of this gallery are fantastic, high and spacious. They support the dramatic set up of the current exhibition “Before 1881” , the first solo show by the young artist Julio Anaya Cabanding from Málaga. “He reinterprets the works of the great classical painters in two ways. He works on discarded and deteriorated mediums, collected from abandoned places and rehabilitated in his studio, in order to give the a new identity in a different context.”(Text Yosto/Giner)

The artist creates a perfect illusion – the paintings to be framed by a real frame. But they are not. All you see is a perfect illusion created by a extremely skilled painter. The subjects of the paintings is a homage to Málaga, the birth town of the painter. He is referring to Málaga’s culture of religious imagery, the holy week, he coastal imagery and more.

Consequently the set up of the exhibition in the gallery just creates the illusion of sacred and religious spaces, a double illusion in combination with the paintings. One very impressive painting occupies the distant wall of the large gallery room.

The illusion of a concrete wall with broken bricks is perfect!

The feeling of entering a sacred place is also perfectly evoked here.

"Sacred room" in the exhibition of Yusto/Giner

And here you can admire the wonderful golden frames painted on the deteriorated mediums….. a perfect illusion!

The exhibition will be opened till 10th of September, by appointment only!

Walk under the night sky through art

Charming photo of the FestiArte exhibition in the night
FestiArte in the night

I’m preparing for an event of a very different kind. Together with more than 100 artists I will exhibit on the FestiArte in Marbella which will happen this weekend!
On Thursday the 30th of July, 62 tents will be set up for the artists on the Avenida del Mar. The Avenida extends between the Parque de Alameda and the Paseo del Mar. It is more of a square than an Avenida and is decorated with statues of Dali. A summer nocturnal life will unfold when the many tents are illuminated at night.

Here is a small selection of paintings , which I will take with me to the exhibition.
Together with my colleague Anouk Slegers from the Costa del Arte Collective we will exhibit in tent 20 and 21 and we will be very happy if you come to visit us! You are cordially invited!

Visiting times for FestiArte

The opening of the festival is from 17.30 to 24 hours, (Thursday from 19:30, Sunday until 22.00). The FestiArte is open from Thursday, 30th of July to Sunday, 2n of August!

Read more about the FestiArte here.

Read more about recent exhibitions in Marbella here. The featured image in the header is from the exhibition in EsArte Gallery.

Read more about Dieter Nuhr’s exhibition in Reiners Gallery here.

Get information on the FestiArte website here.

Read more about Fascinating Glas objects in Gallery Isolina Arbulu here.

Great Art Night at FestiArte

Great art nights at FestiArte!
Marbella 30.07.-02.08.2020

This is the first great exhibition which is planned for Marbella:
The FestiArte will take place in one of the prominent spots of the town. More than 100 artists in 60 tents are waiting to show their art and chat with the visitors! You are invited to have an exiting art night in a wonderful atmosphere!

I am real exited to participate in this event. It’s my first exhibition this year in which I can participate in person. I am so much looking forward to this event, to meeting the visitors, to a lot of chats with friends, the other artists and my collectors!

Charming photo of the FestiArte exhibition in the night
Great Art Night at FestiArte

Magic atmosphere strolling between artists and their art

I participated last year in this event and I loved it. Such a great atmosphere! A bit like a huge family on a campground. The atmosphere is fantastic and it’s great to stop by here and there and chat with the artists about their art! Like last year I will have a tent side by side with my fellow artist from Costa del Arte Collective, the symbolic painter Anouk Slegers. Come and visit us! We cherish rather similar color palettes, but our art couldn’t be more different!

As the exhibition will take place in high summer, the opening times are adapted to the weather: The FestiArte will open its tent doors daily from 5.30 pm to 12 midnight. So you will be sheltered from the heat and enjoy a magic and warm Mediterranean evening between art and artists and between the Alameda Park and the sea! I am sure it will be memorable art nights at FestiArte.
Last year a lot of tents also opened in the morning for their visitors.

The opening will be on Thursday, the 30th of July at 7.30 pm. Check out the FestiArte page fort time overview.

The excitement of preparing an exhibition

It’s always exciting to prepare an exhibition – so many things to think of. Which paintings to take, what has to go to the framer first, which materials do I need and much more. Its especially exciting if you have to hang your art in a tent that was not made for hanging art!!! On top: stronger winds may be expected!

If you want to visit my home studio…..

I topped this excitement by preparing a special “virtual home studio visit” which will be accessible a weekend before the FestiArte for my newsletter readers. I want to give a chance fo those who are not around to participate a bit. AND: As I am so super happy to finally have the chance to meet in person with a lot of people, I will make a special offer for a restricted time to my newsletter readers. They will have the first choice to reserve a painting which is on the list for FestiArte. A lot of work is waiting for me, but also a lot of fun! If you are interested in be included in this information, join my newsletter list at the end of this post!

Preparing the special offer

Some complication that don’t really help

I just wanted to open the mosquito screen for the cat and the little carpet was not flat – thats all what it needs to complicate your life! Fortunately it’s only a pulled tendon, but the doctors advice is to not walk and keep the foot high. So that not real a great help for preparation ….

Hope to connect with you at FestiArte – otherwise via my newsletter?

Last year in FestiArte – would be lovely to meet you this year!

I will do my best and I am positive to be at my tent – if necessary foot up. Fortunately I have as a great helper and organizer my husband at my side!

If we cannot meet in person, you can get news about this exhibition, the offer which goes with it, about exhibitions I visited and news and insights into an artist life by joining my newsletter list – always possible to cancel it when ever you feel like it!

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Looking forward to meeting you there!

People strolling through the FestiArte exhibiton

Past and coming exhibitions – Exposiciones pasadas y próximas

Next art exhibition in La Cala de Mijas!/
La próxima exposición de arte en La Cala de Mijas.

Use Google translate / Usa el traductor de Google / Benutze Google translate

What a busy art time I had! The Art Walk in Cómpeta in April, “Mini Cuadros” in Almuňécar in May, the International Festival of Art in Marbella in June and now showing till July ” We can do”, an exhibition of 13 lady artists, in Cala de Mijas in the Casa de Cultura.

Next exhibition: We can do it! in La Cala de Mijas!

The Inauguration will be Friday, 28th of June at 8 pm! I will participate with two or three paintings. Two of my fellow artists from Costa del Arte Collective will show there works too: Anouk Slegers and Lieuwke Loth! This exhibition was curated by Rafael Fernandez Pacheco, who is a great art lover and probably features every exhibition to be seen in Málaga. This is the third exhibition I am invited to participate!!! Would love to see you there!

The International Festival de Arte in Marbella, a review /
El Festival Internacional de Arte de Marbella, una reseña.

A real fascinating event took place last week in Marbella. The Festiarte, a great art show that featured more than 100 artists in 60 stalls by the organised by the town of Marbella and Javier Roman (Delegación Cultural del Ayuntamiento de Marbella (@delegacionculturamarbella) y por Marco Eventos Culturales).  We stayed 4 days and evenings – opening times were till 11 pm! – on the beautiful place with the Dali statues and the view to the sea. It was  a great community of artists and many many visitors, who had a lot of choice to see and buy interesting artworks of different kinds: pottery, statues, photography, painting and more.

Tap to enlarge photos


The four days were a great adventure and success. And a real challenge! We got the tents with a nice lightening system but no hanging system at all. But with some tools, a lot of phantasy how to manage and a lot of patience everybody worked it out. A huger challenger was the wind, some days it had to be called storm. Coming back from a break we found a lot of the paintings on the floor, luckily there was no damage at our art! I took the opportunity to show some larger works, which got some attention.

Tap to enlarge photos

A little memory to some other stalls….


Very happy was the Costa del Arte Collective about a nice article in EuroWeekly, written by Nicole King! Thank you Nicole!