Short look back to FestiArte

Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel and the information about FestiArte

The FestiArte was the festival of many many artist, of hot temperatures with always a nice breeze from the sea. It was very different to events before, as we had much less visitors from other countries than Spain.

The atmosphere was wonderful. We opened in the late afternoon till midnight. We saw the different events of the day passing by: Beach walkers, early dinner eater, normal dinner eater, beautifully dressed young people going out to celebrate life.

I especially cherish the life phases of this kind of exhibitions. The beginning with a lot of hope, the starting of to a new adventure. The phases with hope and the phases with boredom, others with excitement. There is a clear beginning and a clear end to it. Its a pop-up show. Something is new in the world, days later it doesn’t exist any longer. Passages of life.

I had some sales and very interesting talks and many new contacts. I am happy, that the festival could take place, in all these months I have mostly missed (besides a walk outside) the direct contact with the audience.

I was very happy as I had some announced meetings with visitors and also some surprise once!! The day we were building up and opening, I got the invitation for an interview in the German Infomagazin for a Radio interview. It came as a surprise and a rather new experience for me. If you are interested to listen to my part, it starts about after 30 minutes of the interview. Many thanks to German Infomagazin and Dietmar Förster!

It was a pleasure to meet artists friends in person whom I only knew from social media exchange.

Lets have a short walk on the festval…

There is the fun of seeing fellow artists, the pleasure of meeting new artists and the great pleasure to meet people who show interest in art, great pleasure having an interesting and inspiring art talk. And then the rhythm in an exhibition: the poorness of the beginning, the promising, nearly meditation like atmosphere in the beginning, the excitement, when people come in and show interest, can appreciate art and you have a good talk.

Then there are the phases when only “window shoppers” or viewer are coming by, leaving to fast to even say hello. Then its getting a bit boring. Suddenly there are a lot of people you have to talk to. Then there is the last day. Whats going to happen today? A wonder? Will some one take the a large painting home…or nobody?

Finally it comes to “Good Bye”. Its over. That was it. We have had some good encounter, got some addresses of people who have an interested in our art. We have loaded the car and have a look back to 4 days. They were charming, gave a bit of a holiday feeling, had a bit boredom, some excitement and we already think about the next exhibition that will come. See you there!!!!

Learn more about the preparation of the show here.

For your planner!

I a happy to be taking part in the virtual collective exposition Gallery Saphira&Ventura, New York City!

Starts 04.09.2020 , open for 2 weeks.

Next exhibition in Spain, in which I am participating! Keep your fingers that we can meet in Frigiliana!

Would love to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Short look back to FestiArte

  1. Lovely to read about your experience of the fair and see the atmosphetic photos. It was great that the fair went ahead and to.see your successes

  2. Thank you, Chris! Yes, it was so fantastic after the long lockdown and absents of all direct contact to be on an exhibition again! And it is an event with a special atmosphere sitting next to the sea and between many Dali figures! Always a pleasure to meet visitors and artist friends!

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