Late but not too late – the show runs till 9th of January 2022

A view inside the Wadström Tönnheim Gallery with a big sign in front

Wadström & Tönnheim present an exhibition about two contrasting aspects of life

There are times to rest and times to write. A while I was not up to writing, but it would be a pity if you miss this.
It’s been quite a while since I visited the opening of “Hugging The Void” (Alexa Grande) and “Solid Ground” (Stefan Otto) at Gallery Wadström and Tönnheim. But the impression still stays very vivid.
Now it’s late – but not too late. The show runs till 9th of January 2022. You have time until the Three Kings!!!
I only discovered Gallery Wadström and Tönnheim this year. It’s a bit hidden in one of Marbella’s many commercial areas, not a great setting. The impression when you enter this spacious and aesthetic gallery is all the greater. Like art, it expands you and gives you the feeling of entering another sphere. So an unconditional recommendation. It may be late, but it’s not too late…..

For me the title of the exhibition: HUGGING THE VOID and SOLID GROUND is tempting as it features two aspects of life that can’t be more different and nevertheless are included in every ones life, more or less in proportion.


About the Spanish-German Artist Alexa Grandes HUGGING THE VOID you read in the description of the gallery: “Hugging the void is not a leap of faith into the void but a reconciliation with it, with nothingness. It is an impossible game. It is like facing the unknown, passing through the ruins of what was once safe and solid. The paintings contain open spaces, full of gaseous atmosphere, smoke or fog. A glance makes its way, in these pictures, through the remains of structures that are already obsolete, after having surpassed the limit of their resistance. These are structures that easily embrace and let themselves be hung in the air.” (Quote from Wadström and Tönnheim).


Swedish artist Stefan Otto presents some paintings with a classic theme: Landscape. Landscape may be our solid ground in unsafe times. Something that stands solid since millions of years. The landscapes, painted with light brushstrokes, are combined with delicate dried plants standing in the foreground. Plants that come again and pass away. A reliable cycle. Hopefully.

“Stefan Otto’s work is recognized by an approach of investigative uncertainties. In his new body of work (he is) dealing with the most classical of all motives: the landscape. Nothing is ever unambiguous or assertive. Otto twists and turns reality and lets the work-process stand as a metaphor for the various layers that make up the human experience.” (Quote from Wadström and Tönnheim Gallery).

The exhibition will be open till 9th of January 2022 in Marbella by appointment. Call + 34 625 955 007

The gallery is not only showing art, but also supporting a charity!

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