Monumental Art in the harbour

One of the monumental sculptures in the harbour of Puerto Banús by Arne Quinze  at the exhibition "My secret garden" with boats in the back ground.

Art in the harbour

Arne Quinze’s monumental statues in Puerto Banús

Its always my pleasure to stroll through harbours. I love the atmosphere of the sea and to watch all the boats in their berth telling stories about adventures on the sea and dreams of far away harbours.

Looking at the boats swaying quietly in the wind and drinking a coffee is a wonderful afternoon pleasure for me, complemented by the very colourful crowd of visitors strolling through the harbour, always worth some attention.

The harbour of Puerto Banús and Concha on the background

The harbour: an Open Air Museum!

Monumental sculptures in the harbour of Puerto Banús
by Arne Quinze

The pleasure has now been taken to the next level:
the harbour has been transformed from a place of beautiful yachts and speedboats and exclusive shops into a huge open-air museum! This is a quite new incentive and worth a stroll through the harbour, which is very idyllic and quite Andalusian, framed by nested white houses while the boats stand out against the imposing backdrop of Marbella’s local mountain, the Concha.

one of the monumental sculptures in the harbour of Puerto Banús by Arne Quinze - in the background the shipyard.
Monumental sculptures in the harbour of Puerto Banús by Arne Quinze

The monumental colourful sculptures by Belgian artist Arne Quinze can be admired against the blue sky and the backdrop of the boats until 16 January 2022.

Read more about the Artist here. I took the text from the official website of the Puerto Banús harbour.


Arne Quinze was born in Belgium in 1971 and currently lives and works in Sint MartensLatem, a town near the Belgian city of Ghent. His early career in the 1980s was as a graffiti artist, without having completed an official art education. He questioned the role of our cities and started his search for cities to become open air museums.

His work evolved from Street Art to Public Art with recurring themes as social interaction, urbanisation and diversity. The gigantic wooden construction entitled Uchronia, which he and his team built in the Nevada desert (USA) for the 2006 Burning Man festival, emphasized his pursuit for culture and nature to coexist. This was followed by numerous sculptures and exhibitions that included both large installations and small paintings and sculptures.

At the present time, many of his installations are considered to be landmarks that present a different dynamic for urban development: In Paris, Shanghai, Beirut, Washington DC, Brussels, Mumbai, São Paolo,… Quinze has been intervening in cities now for over 25 years, and many projects are still lined up to be finalised.

Get more information at the Puerto Banús website, from which I took this quote.

Poster about "My secret garden" exhibition by Arne Quinze in the harbour of Puerto Banús

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