Art, Food, Events – a discovery in Marbella!

The sign of the Mercado del Arte on the glass door

A place that will be on my “to go to” list!

Its not brand new, but a new discovery for me. I am always happy to discover a new places that has the potential to become “my happy place”. The Mercado del Arte presents itself under the title: Art, Food, Events – a wonderful project by Maria Mena, Rosa Higuera and Emilio Mena, not far from the Congress Palace in Marbella.

The owner of the Art, Food, Events Mercado keep a wide range of offers in their portfolio:
Galería del Arte, Eventos Privados, Colección Permanente, Artistas Invitados, Exposiciones Colectivas.

While Rosa is head of the events, Maria is responsible for the art and Emilio is the chef in the kitchen, creating menus which excite him and which flatter the palate of the guests.

Its a pleasure to walk through the restaurant and the gallery. Everything is set up with love and great taste which makes it a very special and unique place. We had a coffee and some tapas outside on the large terrace – also a artful and tasty experience!

a little sitting room with comfy sofas

If you love to create a special event….

You can order a dinner for 8 persons by the cosy fireplace in the salon, beautifully furnished with antiques. Emilio will prepare a meal ” a su gusto” and treat you and your friends with his creations. You will sit at a antique table, a fire warmly burning in the fireplace. After dinner, may be with a coffee or a brandy in your hand, you continue the chat with your friends in the comfortable sofas.

If you want to see the art in the Art, Food, Events Mercado…….

Passing the beautiful salon you enter the gallery which shows a greater choice of modern art in the exhibition “White” ( just running), but also some more traditional artworks. It is a pleasure to walk through these rooms so tasteful decorated. Find out more about the Mercado del Arte at it’s Facebook page here or Instagram here.

If you want to visit an Event – this is up in March/April 2022

(But there will be more events, I trust!)

I guess we can be curious to watch which other events may follow! Can’t wait to know !

Mercado del Arte Marbella

Inside the Restaurant…..such a cosy and very special place!

of course another pleasure for me as an artist is to find a new gallery!!!! You find a nice assembly of contemporary art by local artists. And very nice decorated with some beautiful pieces of classic furniture!

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