2016 in Gaucín – 2016 in Gaucín – 2016 en Gaucín

One of my highlights in the year is the visit to the open studios in Gaucín. I have been visiting since four years and every year it is a treat to be there. Already the road to Gaucín presents  wonderful aspects of landscape and flora, bushes fully blooming in yellow to both sides of the road and lots and lots of bumps on the road. Be aware! You pass near impressive mountains, you can enjoy the views of Casares and then suddenly you see Gaucín, hight up on top of the next mountain and you will only reach it after having gone down deep through the romantic valley crossing a river. Finally up there, there are waiting more than 20 artist exhibitions for you and so many other views to enjoy. You can stay in a charming little hotel, as we did last year. If you come the first year and you want to visit all the artist this might be a good choice.

Last year our first day gave us quite a wet surprise,  rainy weather – the coast hadn’t prepared us for this. But the next day presented us sunshine again and lovely views.  The following pictures are just a mosaic of impressions from my wonderful excursion to Gaucín – giving me some pleasure in advance, as it is not long to the next opening of the studios of Gaucín. I am curious whom and what I will find this year! I am sure, inspiring it will be!

You will find all the information about Art Gaucín in this link. It will be open  very soon: 26.-28.05.17 and 02.06.17-04.06.17.

The visit to the galleries not only presents a lot of art work but also wonderful arrangements of art and other objects. So many things to look at.

What a wonderful contrast: paintings that are rich in colours and subjects and mirrors the surrounding of Gaucín and the paintings that dominated by washed out colours and reduction in the subject.

The richness of impressions is fantastic –  not always chosen though.

For a change, have a look to the village. So many little nice items will be there for you!

This weather aspects were presented to us, not only in the paintings, but quite real in our visist to Gaucin.

Charming photographs that mirror the tenderness of plants surrounding Gaucín, ceramics from very interesting materials and the very clear and rather architectural art works stand for the diversity of art, that you will find.

As I lost all information about the 2016 event, I have no idea about names and places. This artist we found in a big building just in the beginning of the village. This year you may find quite different art. I fall in love with the Scottish landscapes and with the wonderful dogs on the plates.

The hotel is a charming little place. Absolutely a place to be. I enjoyed very much the hot bath after the first day and a very tempting breakfast. On your way to and from Gaucín you may be greeted by long rows of charming yellow mimosa bushes, a bath in colours!

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