2017 Open Studios Gaucin- estudios abiertos en Gaucin

Not a secret: I am a fan of open studios in general, espacially of the studios in Gaucin. This may be due to the quality of the artists and as well to the fact, that  I have been there regularly and the visits now have quite a familiar character. Re-visiting artist I know, seeing how their art develops, having little chats with the artists, all this is a special pleasure and very rewarding. And there is always something new to discover: be it in the artists studios or in the picturesque village.
This time we missed out a lot of artists – to many chats and sore feet stopped me to make the full round. Such a pity, but: there will be a next year in Gaucin, at least I hope!

We started at number 3 to 5, a big building that hosts 3 artists. We were greeted by a big sofa, very dusty, but quite comfortable, as I was to find out at the end of the day! Visiting Sara Webb, I was enchanted by the her “road movie”, impressions of driving from or to Gaucin, that reminded me of my many rides and the impressions I collected. One level down we met the poetic ceramic works of Caroline Gullick, first time exhibiting in Gaucin.

Click the photos to see them bigger!

Not far from here we found more poetic artwort. The photographer Sue Callister documents in wonderful pictures the stand still of time, carefully watched a house, that lost its owners and stayed still, seemingly untouched since years. Like always I admire her photos of flowers and the game between focused and unfocused parts. And at the wall a wonderful portrait in many small pictures of the artist Gaucin J.Sánchez Zabaleta.  Up the hill, with the help of friendly neighbours, we find Rosie Venables in her tiny little ceramic studio, which is sitting in a flowering garden. I was heading for a plate with a dog that I kept in my mind from last year, but had to learn: no more dogs this year, but birds and other things.


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Like two years ago, we had the opportunity to visit Estudio Casa Mosaica, which belongs Emma Cornish and hosts two artists, Sebastian Fisher and Sian Faber, who present their art in the very charming atmosphere of the house, which is wonderful decorated with mosaics from Emma Cornish. Sebastian presents his metal sculptures in house and garden. Sian Fisher, who is here for the first time and came over from Sydney, is showing her demin watercolors, some still inspired from the sea of her former home, others showing her new surrounding.

Only a short walk from each other, we found the studio of the painters Jennifer Waterhouse, Lesley Riddihough and the photographer Vivienne Whiffen. At Jennifers studio we were greeted by her cat and by the flowering medows of Gaucin, captured in her paintings so vivid, that you nearly smell the flowers. Fruits and flowers in powerful colours are presented by Lesley, who shares her studio with Vivienne Whiffen. Here we found a rich choice of photos on different subjects. The photo of Flamenco dancers captured their movement of the feet and I liked especially a very quiet still life. A little bit further the road is the studio of Stephanie Thompson, who presents a rich collection of the white houses of Gaucin, more in a relaistic naive style, but now found as well her pleasure in colourful abstract paintings.

So much to see! Luckily enough there are many bars expecting the visitors and giving them a good rest! So we could walk on and admire the very political work of Juan Antionio Sangil, that presents the voters and the urnes. No need to put your vote into the urne – no opening and no use for it. Ana Pellón shows her architecturally inspired works in new colours – if I observed it right. Tim Parry presents his works,that capture the movement and the stillness of banal and important moments, in a style that plays with hints and through is moving brush stroke. José Sánchez Zabaleta we found with his dog at his feet and on a painting, carefully watching his master painting a still life. His paintings are always striking in the paleness of colour and the perfection with which he puts into scene banal stituation of everydays life as well as huge or smaler painting of decaying buildings.

Cats and dogs and more
The art walk is a pleasure, so many wonderful impressions besides the art:

Art is nice but makes very tired (but happy too!)

if you want to see more art work click here!

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