Gaucín – Looking back to the Open Studios 2019 – Una mirada hacia atrás en los Estudios Abiertos 2019 – Ein Blick zurück Gaucín 2019

Gaucín – Looking back to the Open Studios 2019 – Una mirada hacia atrás en los Estudios Abiertos 2019 – Ein Blick zurück Gaucín 2019

This was the 16th edition of the Open Studios Gaucín and surely my 6th visit to them. Last year I had the pleasure to be an invited guest artist, which was a great experience and I hold very good memories. Though: I had nearly no chance to visit the other artists! So this year, with quite a lot of time on my hands,  I walked through the village, had a lot of very nice chats with the artists, saw many of the studios and saw again – like always – impressing art work. It was a very enriching day! It is quite an exercise to walk up to all the studios – I think I managed to see all but two or three of them.

This year my fellow artist of the Costa del Arte Collective, Lieuwke Loth, was an invited Guest Artist. She and Vivienne Whiffen shared their studio.

La Huerta was a really buzzy center of artists. Six artists had showrooms there and presented quite some different artwork. Great pleasure to meet Sara Webb, who was my studio neighbour last year and who`s work I very much appreciate. Very nice to see the progress in the work of other “old” neighbours.

My visit then went along the street to the showroom of Jim Rattenbury, who turned a garage into a great experience and a great pleasure to visit. New this year was Catheriene Hunter with her ceramic sculptures and taking part since long, Michael Roschlau who shows a rich body of work using very different media.

I visited the wonderful landscape and flower paintings of Jennifer Waterhouse and the landscapes of painter Stephen Mitchell, who, like Jennifer features the surroundings of Gaucín and the studio of Paddy Robinson who shows impressing detailed paintings but also quite some abstract art.

I was again captured by the most interesting very geometric presentation of houses by Ana Pellón (especially as I lately got a special interest in the old farm houses here in Andalusia), as well by the ceramics of Juan Antonio Sangil. Not far from this house was the studio of Pepe Barroso who`s works I saw for the first time this year.

I spent a lot of time in the studio of Karina Zother, a guest artist from Tarifa. I was impressed by the very loose way of her works and the movement in it. After quite an exercise to get there I spent quite a while in the studio of J.Sánchez Zabaleta, enjoying his art and the talk with him and his wife Maria. In both studios I met dogs, that fascinated me. Though I am a dedicated cat lover, I am always attracted by the looks of dogs – they are such characters.

I had a great day out in Gaucín! Many thanks to all the wonderful artists!

11th Art Walk Cómpeta – nearly there! /11th Art Walk Cómpeta – ¡próximamente!

11th Art Walk Cómpeta – nearly there!  /11th Art Walk Cómpeta – ¡próximamente!

Art Walk Cómpeta starts at Easter – El “Paseo del Arte Cómpeta” empeza en Semana Santa.

Easter time is coming and with it the 11th edition of the Art Walk Cómpeta! A great event to which I am very much looking forward, as I am a member of the preparation team and an exhibiting artist. You will find me at the location 5. The Art Walk Cómpeta is the first to open a row of art events in Andalusia that I am taking part in or which I like very much. The Art Walk is more than an Art Walk, its truly a Festival of Art, organized since 6 years by the artist Lieuwke Loth who also runs the Galeria Luz de la Vida in Cómpeta. This wonderful event is organized completely by volunteers without any funding! Get more information about the Art Walk here:

The Art Walk is coming soon! Get some information here. Don’t miss this great event at 20/21 and 23/24 of April.
¡Art Walk Cómpeta llegará pronto! Obtener información aquí. ¡No te pierdas Art Walk 2019! Es 20/21 y 23/24 de abril.

Don’t miss the great Art Walk event with more than 35 artists from 9 nations, with art workshops and live music everyday! Enjoy the excursion to the charming village of Cómpeta with its vibrant artistic atmosphere! Stroll through the numerous art exhibitions, participate in an art workshop and enjoy our exquisite live music program as well! Its worth staying some days in this beautiful mountain village and explore the art and the village and the nature with its great offers!

I was so lucky to take part last year in the Art Walk Cómpeta….nice memories:

You will find information about last years Art Walk in Cómpeta here. You will find detailed information at

Sneak pre-view to my exhibition this year! ¡Un adelanto de mi exposición este año!

I am bringing a bigger collection of paintings – I think 80% of them are new. You will see bigger formats as well as very small ones. But be sure, all will be full of vibrant colours.

Again I will share the location with a photographer, this time with Mariska Luth from the Netherlands. See more of her work here: Made by Luth. Opposite of studio 5 you will find at venue 6 the German abstract painter Michael Schumann, who offers a great collection of square paintings.

On our way to our place, you can make a little excursion to a wonderful sculptor garden, in the middle of the white village (Location 8) ! Definitely worth a visit! Dragons and more are waiting for you!!!  And 38 artists, art workshops, music, a Theater group roaming through the streets, a beautiful village with lots of wonderful bars and restaurants, great views and a real artistic and vibrant atmosphere. I am sure, you will enjoy!

You will also meet members of the Costa del Arte Collective, four of them are exhibiting! Great art to be seen!


Find it all here: more about Costa del Arte Collectives new exhibition and about the walk: or Facebook artcompeta and CdAC at the art walk.

I am writing, not too frequently, a newsletter about my art and art events I am taking part in as well about art events that I like in different parts of the world. If you are interested to receive it, sign in here. Of course you can cancle it, when ever you want!

Exhibition at “Open Studios Gaucín”- exposición a “Open Studios Gaucín”

Exhibition at “Open Studios Gaucín”- exposición a “Open Studios Gaucín”

The studio is waiting for me! I don’t know how many painting I am transporting. We will see, what fits into the studio, which is nice and has wide white walls! Packing up for the Open Studios Gaucín! Friday, the 25.05. at 11:00 hours the doors of 21 artists will be open!

¡El estudio me está esperando! No sé cuántas pinturas estoy transportando. Veremos, lo que cabe en el estudio, que es agradable y tiene paredes blancas anchas. ¡Embalaje para los Open Studios Gaucín! Viernes, el 25.05. a las 11:00 horas las puertas de 21 artistas estarán abiertas!

More works to be seen soon in Gaucín-más trabajos para ser vistos pronto en Gaucin

More works to be seen soon in Gaucín-más trabajos para ser vistos pronto en Gaucin

Today in two weeks the doors will be open for the yOpen Studios Gaucín! I am very busy preparing for the exhibition! Looking forward to meeting you there!

¡Hoy en dos semanas las puertas estarán abiertas para los Open Studios Gaucín! ¡Estoy muy ocupado preparándome para la exposición! ¡Esperamos verte allí!

Preparing for Gaucín-Vorbereitung auf Gaucín-Preparándose para Gaucín

Preparing for Gaucín-Vorbereitung auf Gaucín-Preparándose para Gaucín

Only three weeks to go till the Open Studios Gaucín start will be opening the doors. Much activity in my studio meanwhile. Would be nice to welcome you in Gaucín!

Solo faltan tres semanas para que los Open Studios Gaucín comiencen a abrir las puertas. Mucha actividad en mi estudio mientras tanto. Sería bueno darte la bienvenida allí!

Nur noch drei Wochen bis sich die Türen zu den Open Studios Gaucín öffnen! Zur Zeit gibt es viel Aktivität in meinem Atelier. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ich euch in Gaucín begrüßen dürfte!

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2017 Open Studios Gaucin- estudios abiertos en Gaucin

2017 Open Studios Gaucin- estudios abiertos en Gaucin

Not a secret: I am a fan of open studios in general, espacially of the studios in Gaucin. This may be due to the quality of the artists and as well to the fact, that  I have been there regularly and the visits now have quite a familiar character. Re-visiting artist I know, seeing how their art develops, having little chats with the artists, all this is a special pleasure and very rewarding. And there is always something new to discover: be it in the artists studios or in the picturesque village.
This time we missed out a lot of artists – to many chats and sore feet stopped me to make the full round. Such a pity, but: there will be a next year in Gaucin, at least I hope!

We started at number 3 to 5, a big building that hosts 3 artists. We were greeted by a big sofa, very dusty, but quite comfortable, as I was to find out at the end of the day! Visiting Sara Webb, I was enchanted by the her “road movie”, impressions of driving from or to Gaucin, that reminded me of my many rides and the impressions I collected. One level down we met the poetic ceramic works of Caroline Gullick, first time exhibiting in Gaucin.

Click the photos to see them bigger!

Not far from here we found more poetic artwort. The photographer Sue Callister documents in wonderful pictures the stand still of time, carefully watched a house, that lost its owners and stayed still, seemingly untouched since years. Like always I admire her photos of flowers and the game between focused and unfocused parts. And at the wall a wonderful portrait in many small pictures of the artist Gaucin J.Sánchez Zabaleta.  Up the hill, with the help of friendly neighbours, we find Rosie Venables in her tiny little ceramic studio, which is sitting in a flowering garden. I was heading for a plate with a dog that I kept in my mind from last year, but had to learn: no more dogs this year, but birds and other things.


gallery size=”large” type=”rectangular” ids=”1295,1296,1297,1306,1304,1305″]

Like two years ago, we had the opportunity to visit Estudio Casa Mosaica, which belongs Emma Cornish and hosts two artists, Sebastian Fisher and Sian Faber, who present their art in the very charming atmosphere of the house, which is wonderful decorated with mosaics from Emma Cornish. Sebastian presents his metal sculptures in house and garden. Sian Fisher, who is here for the first time and came over from Sydney, is showing her demin watercolors, some still inspired from the sea of her former home, others showing her new surrounding.

Only a short walk from each other, we found the studio of the painters Jennifer Waterhouse, Lesley Riddihough and the photographer Vivienne Whiffen. At Jennifers studio we were greeted by her cat and by the flowering medows of Gaucin, captured in her paintings so vivid, that you nearly smell the flowers. Fruits and flowers in powerful colours are presented by Lesley, who shares her studio with Vivienne Whiffen. Here we found a rich choice of photos on different subjects. The photo of Flamenco dancers captured their movement of the feet and I liked especially a very quiet still life. A little bit further the road is the studio of Stephanie Thompson, who presents a rich collection of the white houses of Gaucin, more in a relaistic naive style, but now found as well her pleasure in colourful abstract paintings.

So much to see! Luckily enough there are many bars expecting the visitors and giving them a good rest! So we could walk on and admire the very political work of Juan Antionio Sangil, that presents the voters and the urnes. No need to put your vote into the urne – no opening and no use for it. Ana Pellón shows her architecturally inspired works in new colours – if I observed it right. Tim Parry presents his works,that capture the movement and the stillness of banal and important moments, in a style that plays with hints and through is moving brush stroke. José Sánchez Zabaleta we found with his dog at his feet and on a painting, carefully watching his master painting a still life. His paintings are always striking in the paleness of colour and the perfection with which he puts into scene banal stituation of everydays life as well as huge or smaler painting of decaying buildings.

Cats and dogs and more
The art walk is a pleasure, so many wonderful impressions besides the art:

Art is nice but makes very tired (but happy too!)

if you want to see more art work click here!

Gaucin revisited / Gaucin…noch ein Tag

Gaucin revisited / Gaucin…noch ein Tag

On the occaision of our second visit this year the sun dowsed everything into a bright light. During our exploration of the small village we run across all sorts of charming and strange things: Children who are running a small flea market, swallows under the roof in their nests, a wonderful hair dresse sign fashioned out of wood (or clay?) and last but not least quite a big artillery canon !? What is it doing in Gaucin ?
We were thankful when we ould enter another cool workshop after hiking through the white and hot alleys. We wanted to visit all the work shops which we did not see on the last weekend – but somehow we seem to have missed one.

Bei unserem zweiten Besuch schien die Sonne und tauchte alles in ein helles Licht. Auf unserer Entdeckungsreise durch die Ateliers stoßen wir im Ort auf bezaubernde und merkwürdige Dinge: Kinder, die einen kleinen Flohmarkt abhalten, Schwalben im Nest, ein wunderschön geschnitzes Fiseurschild und erstaunlicher und unerklärlicherweise auch eine ordentliche, ziemlich große Kanone!? Was macht die in Gaucin?
Dankbar waren wir für die angenehm kühlen Ateliers nach dem Gang durch die weißen, heißen Gassen.  Wir wollten alle Ateliers besuchen, die wir am letzten Wochenende noch nicht gesehen hatten – aber irgendwie ist uns eine Nummer entwischt.

Nicht weit vor der Stadt führt uns ein Schotterstraße entlang dem Hang in das wunderschöne Haus von Sara Webb. Umgeben von Kunstwerken ihrer Künstlerfreunde finden sich auf dem Tisch ausgebreitet ihre zarten, delikaten Drucke, die von ihren Aufenthalten in Asien und auch ihrem Lebensraum in Andalusien erzählen. Die Journalistin arbeitet mit verschiedenen Drucktechniken: Kupferradierungen, Holzschnitt, Lithography auf Stein, Linoleum and Mono Prints. Im Garten erholen wir uns von unserer Fahrt und bewundern den weiten Ausblick. Dann ging es weiter in die weiße Stadt.

Just outside the village we follow a gravel road anlong a steep hill to the wonderful house of Sara Webb . Surrounded by the works of art, spread out on a table are the delicate and sensitive prints which mirror the times she has spent in Asia and Gaucin. The former Journalist employs various printing techniques: Copper etchings, wood cuts, lithography on stone, linoleum and mono prints. We lingered and admired the garden and the wonderful view on on we went to the white village.

Eine besondere Überraschung bietet mir der Besuch in Sue Callisters Atelier. Ich mag Fotos – doch meine Liebe gehört der Malerei. Hier im Atelier werde ich bezaubert von Pflanzenbildern, die sich auf einen winzigen Fokus konzentrieren. Beim Betrachten des Jahreszeitenzyklus aus der Umgebung von Gaucin fühle ich mich gleich auf eine Wiese versetzt, die Gräser kitzeln auf der Haut, ein leichter Duft der Wildblumen und ein Hauch Wind sind zu spüren. Die Fotokünstlerin präsentiert in ihrer Galerie auch Fotos von Pflanzen, die direkt auf dem Fotopapier belichtet werden (wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe) und sehr schöne Schwarz-Weiß Fotos, die die Lichtreflexe einfangen. Ihr Ehemann Alberto Saro, auch Fotograf, erzählt uns von Fotoworkshops, die das Paar anbietet. Das macht neugierig. Er ist es, der uns herum führt. Sue haben wir leider nicht getroffen, da Sue lieber fotografiere als ihre Bilder erkläre, sagt Alberto. Das kann ich gut verstehen.

A special surprize for me was the visit to Sue Callisters work shop. I like photos – but my love is painting. In this workshop I am enchanted by the flower pictures which concentrate on a very small focus. Taking in the cycle of the seasons in Gaucin I immediately feel transferred to a meadow, the grass tickles my skin, and I feel a scent of the wild flowers and a soft breeze. The photo artist also shows pictures of plants which are exposed directly on the photo paper (if I understand it correctly) and very beautiful black and white photos which capture the reflecting light reflexes. Her husband Alberto Saro, also a photographer, tells us about photo work shops which are offered by the couple. That kindles the curiosity. He is the one, who shows us around. Unfortunately we did not meet Sue. Accourding to Alberto she prefers to take photos to explaining them. I can fully understand her.

Die Foto hier sind z.T. fotografiert aus Sue Callisters Buch “Mono Cultur” und der Webseite von Sue Callister und Alberto entnommen.
The fotos here are partly fotos taken of Sue Callisters Book “Mono Cultur” and taken from the webside from Sue and Alberto.

Vorbei an Kindern, Schwalben und Kanone tauchten wir in einen kühlen Gang und ein großes, luftiges Atelier, ehemals sicher ein Stall. Hier stellt Vanessa Wilson ihre großformatigen Bilder aus. Schön, dass wir sie grade noch erwischt haben – nach mehr als 12 Jahren in Gaucin zieht es sie nun wieder in ihr Heimatland England. Schade für Gaucin!  Fast wie eine Vorbereitung auf die neuen Landschaften erzählen ihre in kräftigen Farben gehaltenen Bilder, hier in der ländlichen Umgebung gemalt, von Industrielandschaften. Mir gefällt diese expessive Erzählweise. Ganz besonders schön dazwischen ein Mädchenportrait. Vielleicht die Tochter?

We pass the childeren, the swallows and the canon and immerse into a cool corridor which brings us to a large airy work shop, probably a former stable. This is where Vanessa Wilson exhibits her large formatted paintings. We were lucky to have met her – after more than twelve years in Gaucin she will be moving back home to England. What a loss for Gaucin ! Almost as a prelude to the new industrial land scapes to come her paintings, held in rich colors, narrate the scenes, painted here in a country setting. I like this expressive narrative art. Mixed in an especially beautiful portait of a girl. Maybe the daughter ?

Gleich neben an treffen wir Victoria Orr-Ewing, die ihr Studio mit dem franzöischen Gastkünstler Thierry Bascoul teilt. Victorias Landschaften sind sehr realistisch und beschäftigen sich mit dem Licht. Ein Bild von Victoria könnte einem ein Blick aus dem Fenster werden oder man wird ins Auto versetzt und fährt durch die abendliche Landschaft. Thierry malt in kräftigen Farben, sehr figurativ, seine Bilder erzählen Geschichten.

Right next door we meet Victoria Orr-Ewing, who shares her studio with the French guest artist Thierry Bascoul. Victorias landscapes are very realistic and concentrate on the lighting. A painting by Viictoria could be a view from a window or you are transferred into a car and you are driving throughthe evening country side. Thierry paints with deep colors, very figurative, his paintings tell stories.

Zarte Mädchen, die über die Bildfläche fliegen und allerlei Tiere bevölkern das Atelier von Nazomi Hatano, einer japanischen Künstlerin. Auch eine feengleiche Europa reitet im Damensitz den Stier am Ohr. Beim Eintritt ins Haus begegnet man zunächst einer männliche Welt, ein Motorrad und Werkzeuge schmücken das Treppenhaus. Auch im Atelier stehen große schwere Maschinen, eine Druckerpresse, die Nazomi für ihre Drucke nutzt.

Delicate girls which fly across the canvas and all sorts of animals fill the studio of Nazomi Hatano, a Japanese artist. There is also a fairy like “Europa” sitting on a bull behind his ear. When entering the house you are confronted with a male world. The entrance hall is decorated with a motorcycle and tools. There are also heavy machines in the studio, a printing press, which Nazomi uses for her prints.

Kleine Figuren finden wir auch im Atelier von Michael Roschlau. Eine Uhrengallerie mit politischen und geschichtlichen Hinweisen begrüßt uns beim Eintritt. Im Untergeschoss wird es beängstigend:  26 Platten in Heliogravur von den Mumien von Palermo. Mich gruselt es. Die wollen und sollen nicht aufs Foto! Den Künstler habe wir leider nicht angetroffen.

Small figurines can also be found in the studio of Michael Roschlau. A gallery of time pieces with political and historical references greet us as we enter. The downstairs then turns eerie: A series of 26 plates in heliogravure of mummies in Palermo. It gives me a creepy feeling. They do not want to and should not be on a photo ! The artist we didn’t meet.

Die Füße sind müde, der Magen leer. Zeit für eine Pause!

The feet are tired, the stomach empty. Time for a brake!


Der Tag ist weit fortgeschritten. Es ist der letzte Tag von zwei langen Ausstellungswochenenden. Wir klopfen u laut und rufen Hallo, als wir am Fuße der steilen Treppe stehen, die in die Wohnung und das Atelier von Paddy Robinson führt. Letztes Jahr hatten uns hier auf der Treppe schon Hund und Malerin begrüßt, aber nach diesen Wochenenden werden die Besucher nur noch mit einem fröhlichen “come up” in den zweiten Stock eingeladen. Paddy und der Hund empfangen uns auf der Couch sitzend. Paddys Arbeiten sind von einer atemberaubenden Präzision, Detailliertheit und voller Phantasie. Neben Naturstudien von Tieren und Gräsern gefallen mir besonders ihre abstrakten Gemälde.

We are well into the day, it is the last day of two long week ends of exhibitions. We knock on the door and call hello as we stand at the foot of the steep stairs which leed into the home and studio of Paddy Robinson. Last year we already have been greeted here by the artist and her dog. But after these weekends the visitors are greeted with a friendly “come up” to the second floor. Paddy and her dog welcome us sitting on the sofa. Paddys works are characterized by a breath taking precision, attention to detail and full of fantasy. Aside from nature studies of animals and plants I was especially taken by her abstract paintings.

Zum Glück ist es von hier nicht weit zu unserer letzten Station: zur CASA MOSAICA, dem unglaublich schönen Haus von Emma Cornish, die ihre Wohn- und Gartenräume für die Besucher öffnet. Überall finden sich Mosaike, Mosaiktische und Mosaikteppiche. Einladend und bezaubernd. Man möchte sich gleich irgendwo niederlassen und hier wohnen. Emma entwift die in Marokko hergestellten Mosaike, der Gastkünstler Sebastian Fisher, der seine Eisenskulpturen hier im Haus und Garten ausstellt, schmiedet dazu die sehr schönen Tischgestelle.

Luckily we are not too far from our last station: CASA MOSAICA, the incredibly beautiful home of Emma Cornish, who opens her living quarters and garden area to the visitors. There are mosaics everywhere, mosaic tables and misaic carpets. Inviting and bewitching. You just want to move in, settle down and live here. Emma creates the mosaics and the guest artiststi Sebastian Fisher, who exhibits his forged iron sculptures forges the tasteful and stylish table frames.

Das war ein voller und wunderschöner Tag. Zurück gehts durch die faszinierende Landschaft, erschöpft von vielen Wegen und Eindrücken, bereichert von den vielen tollen Kunstwerken und Gesprächen und glücklich. Irgendjemand haben wir vergessen. Wir werden es herausfinden. Auf alle Fälle kommen wir im nächsten Jahr!

This was an eventful and wonderful day. We drive home through the fascinating country side, exhausted frm the many walks and impressions, enriched by the many great works of art, the conversations and happy. We have forgotten somebody. We will find out who it was. In any case, we will be back next year !

Text and Fotos: Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel
Translation to English: Peter Urban

PS. Now we learned, whom we missed: Lessley  Riddihough   and Stefanie Thomson. What a pity! We will see you next year!