Art and Music in the Air!

Art and Music in the Air!

SALIDA DEL SOL: Festival of the Performing and Visual arts started today, 01.10. in La Cala de Mijas!

Art exhibition and Soirées every day till 08.10.18 in La Cala, Mijas, in the Avanto Restaurant. Come and see my paintings and the art exhibition with works of 12 international artists. Every evening there will be a great performance: Music, dance, opera, fashion show and more. Read all about it at the bottom of this page!

Review: Great day out in Cómpeta with Art & Food & Music!

Sunday, the 16th of September we celebrated the Finissage of the first exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida in Cómpeta. We had put together a program for the whole day, so people coming up from the coast could enjoy a day with Art, Food and Music. We  had a fantastic press cover, both in the German and the English press and our visitors enjoyed the “lazy Sunday lunch” in the Finca de las Sierras and our Finissage with great art of the Costa del Arte Collective, talked to the artists and enjoyed the impressing music of Duo Masque!  Just dip in and listen for a while to Russel and Chrissy !

Huge Press Attention

The Costa del Arte Collective got a lot of attention in the social media and the English and German press:

A very personal press attention I got in


Great thanks to Marga Lange, who got in touch with my art and my way of becoming an artist!

To read more just visit the online edition from SPANIEN AKTUELL!
Besuchen Sie die online Version von SPANIEN AKTUELL HIER

More Art and Music in the Air!
Next exhibition starting Monday, 1st of October at

“Salida del Sol” Festival of Music and Visual Arts!

The next event is already taking a lot of my attention and it is waiting for you! Together with two members of the Costa del Arte Collective, Anouk Slegers and Lieuwke Loth,  I will exhibit in the Art and Music Festival Salida del Sol, taking place in the Avanto Theater from 01.-08.10.18 in Cala de Mijas! Don’t miss it! Is is a unique combination of different branches of art, dance, music and literature!


Last Monday we started with the installation of the art show. Works of the members of Costa del Arte Collective will be to be seen from 01.10. till 08.10.18 from 11:00 to 18:00 hours. Twelve international artists will present their art. The visit of the art exhibition is free. There is a special offer for coffee and cake from the Avanto Restaurant at 16:00 hours at the time, when also artists will be present.

Preparing for the exhibition: Works of the members of Costa del Arte Collective. Exhibiting Lieuwke Loth, Anouk Slegers and
Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel

Done. Ready for the art show!

Very interesting program every evening! Music and Art, Dance, Literature and more! 

Check out the program here for detailed information about the evening events here on Salida del Sol,

scroll down to see the list of participating artists and click on their names to reach their websites !

Salida del Sol

Hope to see you there!!! Freue mich, Sie dort zu sehen!

Information (German)  you also find here: SPANIEN AKTUELL
SPANIEN AKTUELL finden Sie als Print Ausgabe an verschiedenen Verteilerstellen. Das Magazin ist kostenlos und erscheint monatlich. Der online Kalender informiert über viele Veranstaltungen an der Costa del Sol.


Are you ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

Are you ready for a great day out? With Art and Food and Music?

The ongoing exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida will end with a Finissage on Sunday the 16.09.18! Treat yourself to a great day out in Cómpeta! We have put together some very pleasant events for you!

All details about the Gallery at the bottom of the page.
The lively white village of Cómpeta and the nature park

The lively village of Cómpeta and the nature park

Visit the lively white village of Cómpeta – a great village in the mountains, 16 km up from the coast – situated at the foot of the nature park “Sierra de Almijara”. If you like adventure, drive up the dirt road to the nature park and enjoy breath taking views and a breathtaking road!

A tasty 4 course Lunch at the Finca

If you like to have a great lunch, reserve a place and enjoy the culinary delights of a 4 course menu at the Finca de las Sierras. The Finca treats you to a wonderful surrounding, the tasty food of the Chef, the live music of Duo Masque and great views. Get in touch with some art works by members of the Costa del Arte Collective, which are exhibited at the Finca. Get to know the artists, talk privately with Lieuwke Loth and Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel, who will be present.

Chill out at the Finissage at 6 pm in the Gallery. Enjoy

Be part of the Finissage of the Costa del Arte exhibition in the charming Galeria Luz de la Vida with music and drinks. You will enjoy the cooling and relaxing atmosphere of the authentic and characteristic Spanish building of the Galeria. You will be delighted by the light-hearted and joyful exhibition of the Costa del Arte Collective.


You will find fascinating bronze and steel sculptures by Lieuwke Loth, surreal paintings in the style of the old Dutch masters by Anouk Slegers, very tactile ab7stract landscapes painted on canvas with oil, bee’s wax and sand by Annabel Keatley and vibrant, colourful abstract – expressionist paintings by Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel. Ask Annabel Keatley how she is creating her most beautiful artwork with such interesting ingredients like bee’s wax and sand.

Browse through the Gallery and be ready to be surprised by the treasures there! Maybe you will already find the first Christmas present! Sit in the sculpture garden and enjoy the music of Duo Masque, get to know new people and chat! We are open at 5 pm!
Drive home happily and safely after a great day out!

2018-09 Plakat für Finissage Entwurf 1a

The exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective will go on till 16.09.18
Opening times :
Galeria Luz de la Vida
Laberinto bajo 15, Cómpeta
Thursday to Saturday 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm, Saturday afternoon closed.
Sneak in at other days, maybe we are open! 🙂 You are very welcome!

May be your interested in the “Painting of the month”? Click here!

MassMoCa – visiting the largest museum of the U.S.A.

MassMoCa – visiting the largest museum of the U.S.A.

North Adams is a little town in the northern Berkshires, Massachusetts,  that lost all its industrie. The Museum of Modern Contemporary Art opend its doors about 17 years ago.  It proudly claims to host the largest museum of modern art in the USA, today even more as this summer it  open an additional part. “MASS MoCA is one of the world’s liveliest centers for making and enjoying today’s most evocative art.” (MassMoCa webside).  A huge fabric building was converted in a most exiting temple of modern art. I was fascinated and thrilled by the atmosphere of the building in combination with the diverse and partly gigantic exhibitions. Normally I get tired after a certain time spent in front of interesting  art, but here the possibility of having a lot of space , exploring a labyrinth of walk ways and rooms and most interesting art was advantageous and prevented me from  getting tired.

North Adams ist eine kleine Stadt in den Berkshires , Massachusetts, das all seine Industrien verlor. Das Museum of Contampory Art of Massachusetts öffnet seine Pforten vor ca. 17 Jahren und hauchte dem Ort dadurch neues Leben ein. Heute kann das MASSMoCa stolz behaupten, das größte Museum für moderne Kunst in den USA zu sein.  Ein riesiger industrieller Komplex aus dem 19. Jahrhundert wurde in einen außerordentlich aufregenden und faszinierenden Tempel moderner Kunst verwandelt. Ich war begeistert und animiert durch die wunderbare Atmosphäre dieses alten Fabrikgebeudes das in verwinkelten und weitläufigen Wegen von Halle zu Halle führt und den dort gezeigten, sehr interessanten Positionen und teilweise gigantischen Kunstwerken etwas ganz besonderes gibt. Obwohl sehr viel zu sehen und zu gehen ist, fühlte ich mich niemals müde. Die Art der Darstellung, die Leere zwischendurch tat gut und machte den Geist frei für das nächste Kunstwerk.

The Building in itself is a incredible with its industrial atmosphere from another century.

Allein das Gebäude ist eine Reise wert mit seiner Atmosphäre eines Industriegebäudes aus einem anderen Jahrhundert.


Are you really my friend?
 Tanja Hollander

This was a wonderful exhibition. Tanja Hollander visited in 6 years more than 400 of her Facebook “Frinds” all over the world and portrait them.  Fascinating to look at these portraits that are all taken in the same style but very different.

Bist du wirklich mein Freund? 

Dies war eine beeindruckende Ausstellung. Tanja Hollander besuchte in 6 Jahren mehr als 400 ihrer Facebook “Freunde ” und porträtierte sie in ihrem Zuhause, immer mit ernsten Gesichtern auf quadratischem Format. Es war berührend die Fotos zu sehen,  unterschiedlichste Menschen überall auf der Welt verbunden durch einen kleinen digitalen Faden die etwas über sich durch ihr Heim und ihre Pose ausdrücken.

Nick Cave

was the overwhelming artist at this museum. He filled a gigantic hall with artwork of an unbelievable dimension. The sheer volume of material that has been gathered is astounding — 16,000 wind spinners; millions of plastic pony beads; thousands of ceramic birds, fruits, and animals; 13 gilded pigs; more than 10 miles of crystals and more. What a experience to walk through or climb up to his artworks!

war für mich die beeindruckenste Ausstellung des Museums. Sein Kunstwerk füllte eine riesige Halle aus, ein Kunstwerk mit unglaublichen Dimensionen. “Das schiere Volumen der Materialien, die gesammelt wurden ist unglaublich – 16 000 Windobjekte, Millionen kleiner Plastik Kügelchen, tausende Keramikvögel, Früchte und Tiere, mehr als 14 km Kristalle und mehr.”(MassMoCa Webseite).Ein tolles Erlebnis durch die Kunstwerke zu wandeln oder zu ihnen hinauf zu klettern.


And much more most different kinds of art on display:

I loved especially the wonderful settings of exits:

This is a memory to very old times:


It was a really memorable day!