Perdidos en el tiempo y perdidos en las galerías

A veces me siento un poco malhumorado.

Olvido los días, las fechas y la hora, vivo sin reloj. Me siento como flotando en el tiempo, no hay direcciones, no hay “límites duros”, no hay citas, no hay obligaciones. Sólo me despierto y repaso los asuntos diarios que todo pasa en la casa ya que no debemos salir de ella. Comencé una serie llamada “Perdidos en el tiempo”. Son sólo dos pinturas todavía, pero parece que podría ser más.

Estoy en una burbuja de tiempo. Por un lado me siento como alimentado por tanto tiempo en mis manos, por otro lado me siento como en un barco sin timón. Estoy a la deriva, pero hay una corriente que me lleva en alguna dirección. Parte de la corriente es la pintura.

En este tiempo especial cambié mis hábitos de pintura. Estoy en una burbuja de tiempo. Por un lado me siento como alimentado por tanto tiempo en mis manos, por otro lado me siento como en un barco sin timón. Estoy a la deriva, pero hay una corriente que me lleva en alguna dirección. Parte de la corriente es la pintura.

Si quieres ver pinturas no ocultas, las encuentras arriba y más en mi sección de arte Artist Support Pledge.

Las pinturas “perdidas”…….

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Lost in Time and Lost in Galleries

Sometimes I feel a bit moody.

I forget days and dates and time, I live without a watch. I feel like floating in the time, there is no directions, no “hard limits” – no appointments, no musts. Just waking up and going over the daily business that all happens in the house as we are not to leave the house.I started a series called “Lost in time”. Its only two paintings yet, but it feels like it could be more.

I am in a time bubble. On one hand I feel like nourished by so much time at my hands on the other hand I feel like in a boat without rudder. I am drifting, but there is a current that carries me in some direction. Part of the current is painting.

In this special time I changed my painting habbits. I started to paint on paper – only on paper. Canvas, the underground I normally like to use, seems too durable, too long lasting. Paper is light, smaller, drifting, more open, not so serious, qualities that all seem to be more appropriate for this exceptional time. With paper I paint flat on my working table, which faces the window instead of working on an easel that makes me stand for light reasons with the back or the side to the window. So I contemplate for many hours the view, which is beautiful but now it shows a huge building place. They are building new houses in my earlier green zone!

If you want to look at not hidden paintings you find these above and more in my Artwork section under Artist Support Pledge.

Hidden paintings

The other day I was a bit moody and longing not only for a long walk outside but was missing my paintings. More than 50 percent are locked-in as well, they are in galleries and a showroom! Now they are “Hidden Paintings”! In a little restaurant in Mijas I installed a beautiful wall with some larger paintings. They are hidden since 20th of January!

Paintings in Alboca Gastro, Mijas

Hidden Paintings in Gallery van Gerstel, Marbella

Hidden Paintings in Gallery Saphira & Ventura in New York

In October 2019 I delivered in person 12 paintings on board in this beautiful gallery in the heart of New York City.

I was so fortunate that some of them were part of a group show in February. Since then they are locked down. Now time goes and all the galleries are closed since long. New York is one of the most hit city by the Corona Pandemie. Who knows, when galleries and museums are opened again?

Want to read more about these exhibitions? Tapp here! About the adventure to take my paintings to New York City? Tap here. See all paintings you can find in NYC here: Click Artsy Website.

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The Art of Design! Saphira & Ventura Gallery, NYC, is up!

I am very excited: The show is up! And I am in! Till 20th of Februar you can see this in the gallery!


Saphira & Ventura Gallery till 21th of February!

6 of my paintings 12“x12“ ( 30×30 cm) are sitting in this mid-town New York gallery and are finally on the stage! Here it is: 5th of February to 21th of February you can see my paintings in this lovely group show having their debut in the center of New York. Wish I were there! ( The planning to do it in January has been postponed).

Read about my first exciting visit in the New York Gallery Saphira & Ventura, where I arrived with a huge suitcase of paintings…..Click here!

And here you see some photos from the great opening!

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New York, New York – bathing in art! In Kunst baden!

I had 48 hours in New York. I dedicated them to art. I was very touched by the Calder exhibition in the Whitney Museum of American Art which displayed such a grace and poetry. I re-visited the MOMA, that has changed a lot since I saw it some years ago. A highlight was a big show of Anselm Kiefers most extraordinary works in the GAGOSIAN Gallery in Chelsea.

Just sharing some photos with you from the Whitney:

Ich hatte 48 Stunden für New York. Die widmete ich der Kunst. Ich badete in Kunst. Die Calder Ausstellung im Whitney Museum für amerikanische Kunst hat mich sehr berührt. Sie war so voller Grazie und Poesie. Ich besuchte nach vielen Jahren wieder das MOMA, das sich sehr erweitert hat seit meinem letzten Besuch. Ein Highlight war für mich die sehr große Ausstellung von vielen außergewöhnlichen Werken von Anselm Kiefer in der GAGOSIAN Galerie in Chelsea. Hier ein paar Fotos aus dem Whitney Museum:


Click on the photos to enhence them.
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And people…

The good old European still impress at the MOMA and the big show of Rauschenbergs works, of whom I liked most the small works which were attached zu each other with a zip.

Die eindrucksvollen Werke der guten alten Europäer beeindrucken im MOMA sowie die große Ausstellung von Rauschenbergs Werken. Von denen mochte ich am meisten die kleinen Werke, die mit einem Reißverschluss verbunden waren.

Click on the photos to enhence them.
Klick auf die Fotos um sie zu vergrößern.

and people..

Anselm Kiefer at Gargosian Gallery:
Transition from cool to warm.
I was stunned! I loved his paintings, as I had only seen his huge, more political works with a lot of material.
Most of the paintings appeared to me like painted love letters. One hall showed many many big books (about 50×70 cm). A very unique presentation.
Verwandlung von kalt zu warm.
Ich war begeistert, beeindruckt. Ich fand seine Bilder großartig. Bisher hatte ich nur seine großen, sehr materiallastigen, politischen Werke gesehen. Die meisten Bilder in dieser Ausstellung erschienen mir wie Liebesbriefe. Ein Saal war gefüllt mit riesigen Büchern, die Aquarellbilder auf dickem Trägermaterial zusammenfassten (ca. 50×70 cm oder größer). Eine ganz besondere Ausstellung!


und natürlich NewYork,New York…….I love New York!