Visiting Art: Antonio Yesa, a very actuell memory – eine ganz aktuelle Erinnerung – un recuerdo muy reciente

Last friday I visited the Galeria del Arte Mirel Markarian in Fuengirola to see the works of an artist friend: Antonio Yesa . 

I got to know Antonio last year, when we had the pleasure to be invited with the fabulous Dibujo Fuengirola/Mijas Group  to his studio. We learned a lot ablout his work, enjoyed his hospitality and had a lot of fun. This was my first opportunity to get in touch with his art and some of his smaler objects and his way of playing with floral and other nature inspired forms, but here at the Galeria I found a full  series of metallic sculptures that – as far as I understood – have as a theme releationship. Mostly the relationship between some bio-amorphe figures,  hinting at living creatures, like plants and trees and snakes as well as some immortal objects. These about 20 cm high objects, mostly from stainless steel together with other materials,  show lightness and stability in one. There is a tenderness and delicateness about them and a strong symbolism about relationship.  While we can admire in the Galeria these fine and tiny works, there are other big urban works to admire in many cities: Benalmadena, Málaga, Arroyo de la Miel, Alhaurín de la Torre and also in the museo de Zwickau, Germany. Being attracted to nature and mirroring it with bio-amorphe figures seems to be one thread in the artwork of the Cadiz born, now Malaga sculpturer.

You can see this exhibiton until the beginning of July. Exact dates can be found on the website of the Galeria ( See above).

Seeing these sculptures, the wonderful and joyful event last year at the studio of Antonio Yesa comes back to my memory! It was a great day to see the artists´ place, learn about his work , and enjoy the atmosphere of the studio and the group!

Thank you Susi Marquez for giving life to the Dibujo Fuengirola/Mijas Group and Antonio Yesa for having us all! Thank you Mirel for showing us his work in the nice Galeria!

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