How my Husband became Hooked on my Art Puzzles

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If you like art but don’t want to paint yourself, this is a great way to create a work of art – putting it together one by one from many small parts. It requires patience and a great sense of colour. See how my husband became hooked on art puzzles!
You like puzzles, but hate the space it occupies in your home? This is a great way to puzzle and keep your home free. Do it all from the comfort of your seat in front of the computer! May be you become hooked on art puzzles like my husband!
Lost in time 2

If you manage to put all the parts above together, you will see this painting.

Get to know new ideas produced through lockdown

Lockdown made me think hard how can I stay in touch with my audience? How can I serve you with what I have to offer as an artist? It definitely had to be something about art.

But now what? There were no exhibitions to announce. No art exhibitions that I had visited and would recommend. No exciting travels to tell about. Therefore if I could do something it had to be linked to “Stay at home” and art. In the end I could serve art lovers and their families with some entertainment. I offered ideas where to find great sources to enjoy art or to learn new art skills. You find a lot of ideas here.

How my husband became hooked on art puzzles

One of my give-aways were some puzzles for children and for grownups. I discovered a webpage that offers the service to turn an image into a puzzle. And what kind of images could I have chosen? Certainly my art! The puzzles of the old masters have been solved already thousands of times.

My husband was one of the first to do the puzzle and I tell you, he became hooked on it. He loves to solve visual challenges, he is a master of digital Solitaire. Now he becomes a master of art puzzles. He build his quite unique way to solve the puzzle. Most importantly one that also would nourish his sense for real challenges. He will not look at the image he is going to put together! In short: he, who is not great in discriminating colours, now learns to see the fine colour differences. I have had to produce quite a lot of new “food” for the master. He needs a lot to take on a new challenge. My hubby, knows my paintings quite well by size and how to carry, transport and hang them. Now knows them piece by piece!

Find your own way how to put together a puzzle. Maybe you like to do things meditative! Therefore take your time and enjoy each rewarding CLICK noise the moment a piece fits together with another one. You like to compare your speed with others? You will be able to see how they have done! Above all enjoy!

This is only a small choice of puzzles that are available now. There are more!!!!! These paintings were all done during the lockdown. I had a lot of time standing in front of my window and artistically protocolling what I observed. They are offered in the Artist Support Pledge, another great idea created during lockdown. I have written about it here.

You can spend some time with art from the comfort of your chair and solve some of my abstract paintings! Join my newsletter and get the key for these puzzles with the welcome email into your mailbox!

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