Kunst in den Häusern…. Art in Homes

Ich kenne meine Bilder und ihre Ausstrahlung meist aus dem Umfeld des Ateliers oder einer Ausstellung.  Ich finde es immer wieder spannend, wie ein Bild durch sein Umfeld und wie sich das Umfeld durch ein Bild verändert. In dieser Serie möchte ich einige meiner Bilder in ihrem neuen Zuhause vorstellen.

The one who views the painting is as well the one who finishes the painting, because he sees it in a specific way. He or she see it in a way the painter has not seen it when painting it. That is the fascinating thing about paintings that are not defining their subject to the end or work with open or no themes.
I know my paintings from the auro they have in the studio. I am always surprised to see, how much pantings change their auro depending on the surrounding they are and how much they do influence their surrounding. In this blog serie I want to present some of my paintings in their new home.

IMG_0805 (2)


Diese beiden Bilder – und noch einige mehr – durften mit nach Spanien umziehen. / Here are two paintings – out of some more – that were allowed to make the move to Spain.

Small painting on a board
Bringing sun into the room
Dialog with an easy chair
“Die Fülle” at a working place
Two paintings in the Aparthotel
Another corner – old mirror accompanied by two paintings
“Sommer Party” in an oflfice
Sone works on paper in an office
Sitting Launche, Kaiser Karl Apart Hotel, Bonn
Giving character to the hotel lounge
The Breakfast place with Wood 2
The Breakfast place with Wood 2

Think big – Große Formate/big Formats/Grandes formatos

Grandes fomatos / Große Formate / Large formats

Gemälde  100 cm und größer
Paintings 100 cm and bigger
Cuadros   100 cm y más

If you interested in one of the paintings, get in touch with me here !or use contact form at the end of this page.

Si estás interesado en alguna de las pinturas, por favor,póngase en contacto conmigo aqui. O formulario de contacto en la parte inferior de esta página.

Wenn Sie an einem Bild interessiert sind, nehmen Sie gerne mit mir Kontakt auf! Oder nutzten Sie das Kontaktformular am Ende dieser Seite.

150×130 cm Acrylic on stretched Canvas, 2.350,00 €

IMG_7659(Edited) (2)

“Think big, dream in colour!” 160×140 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas, available, 2.500 €,  ask your question here! 

See the above painting in different rooms!

Dreaming about Greenland Acrylic on stretched canvas,  160×140 cm, 2.500 €. Ask your question here!!
Narzissen im Botanischen Garten
Narzissen 140×100 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang , available, 1.500 €.
“Blue Secret” 100×80 cm, acrylic on canvas, 980 €, ready to hang, framed in a silver Nilson Frame

Past and coming exhibitions – Exposiciones pasadas y próximas

Next art exhibition in La Cala de Mijas!/
La próxima exposición de arte en La Cala de Mijas.

Use Google translate / Usa el traductor de Google / Benutze Google translate

What a busy art time I had! The Art Walk in Cómpeta in April, “Mini Cuadros” in Almuňécar in May, the International Festival of Art in Marbella in June and now showing till July ” We can do”, an exhibition of 13 lady artists, in Cala de Mijas in the Casa de Cultura.

Next exhibition: We can do it! in La Cala de Mijas!

The Inauguration will be Friday, 28th of June at 8 pm! I will participate with two or three paintings. Two of my fellow artists from Costa del Arte Collective will show there works too: Anouk Slegers and Lieuwke Loth! This exhibition was curated by Rafael Fernandez Pacheco, who is a great art lover and probably features every exhibition to be seen in Málaga. This is the third exhibition I am invited to participate!!! Would love to see you there!

The International Festival de Arte in Marbella, a review /
El Festival Internacional de Arte de Marbella, una reseña.

A real fascinating event took place last week in Marbella. The Festiarte, a great art show that featured more than 100 artists in 60 stalls by the organised by the town of Marbella and Javier Roman (Delegación Cultural del Ayuntamiento de Marbella (@delegacionculturamarbella) y por Marco Eventos Culturales).  We stayed 4 days and evenings – opening times were till 11 pm! – on the beautiful place with the Dali statues and the view to the sea. It was  a great community of artists and many many visitors, who had a lot of choice to see and buy interesting artworks of different kinds: pottery, statues, photography, painting and more.

Tap to enlarge photos


The four days were a great adventure and success. And a real challenge! We got the tents with a nice lightening system but no hanging system at all. But with some tools, a lot of phantasy how to manage and a lot of patience everybody worked it out. A huger challenger was the wind, some days it had to be called storm. Coming back from a break we found a lot of the paintings on the floor, luckily there was no damage at our art! I took the opportunity to show some larger works, which got some attention.

Tap to enlarge photos

A little memory to some other stalls….


Very happy was the Costa del Arte Collective about a nice article in EuroWeekly, written by Nicole King! Thank you Nicole!

I see black – Ich seh schwarz – Veo negro

Lately I started with a lot of experiments – time by time an artist needs some freshness in her/his head and new inspiration. Finding new ways, collect new experience, has to question and expand her/his style. See some of the experiments here.

I give me a rather hard time, as I try to prepare for quite some traveling lying ahead of us. To stay tuned in my painting praxis I decided to take a sketchbook. I am not a great friend of sketchbooks and do not really a praxis. I like big formats and acrylic paint – that is quite a dirty job and asks for a lot of material. My trial with water color nhttps://artgoppellandhampel.com/?p=3384&preview=trueever gave me any satisfaction. So now I try how works Gouache. Quite fine, I can say after my first trials.

I love the old farmhouses in Andalusia, with all there add-ons and partly deconstructions they seem to tell a story of live. So I was fascinated by this one near Tarifa. The dog I fall in love with on my walk at the Open Studios Gaucín. You will find a photo of her there. If you are interested in this art walk, read more here.

My passion in painting is color. I could say: my painting is all about color. So now I went on a diet. A strong challenge to brake familiar habits. The sweet Lana, the dog above,  belongs to this series.

Some of the paintings are on wooden board. It gives a lot of possibilities to be mal treated. You can cut it, scratch it, work with hard tools on it. It invites all kind of spatulas. Some of this treatments a canvas would not be so happy with. Other experiments are on paper DIN A 4. Somehow a much smoother process.

Normally I love to work with rather bold and vibrant colours. So the challenge lies in tamed colours. This ones are not quite tamed, the motto was more: Go wild….

This are my experiments with a very reduce color palette. A lot of interesting new experiences through diet! Sometimes I feel very hungry for my familiar food 🙂 Wonder what comes next.

Next comes an exhibition in Marbella in which I and the members of Costa del Arte Collective will be taking part.  More than 90 artists will show there work in the Avendida del Mar – that’s in the center down to the sea. Opening the 20th of June at 19:30 to 23:00  till 23rd of June, open from 16:30 to 23:00 hours.

Very much hoping to see you there!

If you are at the Costa del Sol, don’t miss it! Get more information here: www.festiarte.art

Art and Music in the Air!

SALIDA DEL SOL: Festival of the Performing and Visual arts started today, 01.10. in La Cala de Mijas!

Art exhibition and Soirées every day till 08.10.18 in La Cala, Mijas, in the Avanto Restaurant. Come and see my paintings and the art exhibition with works of 12 international artists. Every evening there will be a great performance: Music, dance, opera, fashion show and more. Read all about it at the bottom of this page!

Review: Great day out in Cómpeta with Art & Food & Music!

Sunday, the 16th of September we celebrated the Finissage of the first exhibition of Costa del Arte Collective in the Galeria Luz de la Vida in Cómpeta. We had put together a program for the whole day, so people coming up from the coast could enjoy a day with Art, Food and Music. We  had a fantastic press cover, both in the German and the English press and our visitors enjoyed the “lazy Sunday lunch” in the Finca de las Sierras and our Finissage with great art of the Costa del Arte Collective, talked to the artists and enjoyed the impressing music of Duo Masque!  Just dip in and listen for a while to Russel and Chrissy !

Huge Press Attention

The Costa del Arte Collective got a lot of attention in the social media and the English and German press:

A very personal press attention I got in


Great thanks to Marga Lange, who got in touch with my art and my way of becoming an artist!

To read more just visit the online edition from SPANIEN AKTUELL!
Besuchen Sie die online Version von SPANIEN AKTUELL HIER

More Art and Music in the Air!
Next exhibition starting Monday, 1st of October at

“Salida del Sol” Festival of Music and Visual Arts!

The next event is already taking a lot of my attention and it is waiting for you! Together with two members of the Costa del Arte Collective, Anouk Slegers and Lieuwke Loth,  I will exhibit in the Art and Music Festival Salida del Sol, taking place in the Avanto Theater from 01.-08.10.18 in Cala de Mijas! Don’t miss it! Is is a unique combination of different branches of art, dance, music and literature!


Last Monday we started with the installation of the art show. Works of the members of Costa del Arte Collective will be to be seen from 01.10. till 08.10.18 from 11:00 to 18:00 hours. Twelve international artists will present their art. The visit of the art exhibition is free. There is a special offer for coffee and cake from the Avanto Restaurant at 16:00 hours at the time, when also artists will be present.

Preparing for the exhibition: Works of the members of Costa del Arte Collective. Exhibiting Lieuwke Loth, Anouk Slegers and
Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel

Done. Ready for the art show!

Very interesting program every evening! Music and Art, Dance, Literature and more! 

Check out the program here for detailed information about the evening events here on Salida del Sol,

scroll down to see the list of participating artists and click on their names to reach their websites !

Salida del Sol

Hope to see you there!!! Freue mich, Sie dort zu sehen!

Information (German)  you also find here: SPANIEN AKTUELL
SPANIEN AKTUELL finden Sie als Print Ausgabe an verschiedenen Verteilerstellen. Das Magazin ist kostenlos und erscheint monatlich. Der online Kalender informiert über viele Veranstaltungen an der Costa del Sol.


Exhibiting at the Art Walk Cómpeta / Exponer en el Art Walk Compéta

Getting ready, transportation of a lot of paintings, preparing the room that I shared with the photographer Nikki de Gruchy, meeting many fellow artists, for  four days receiving a lot of visitors from different countries and many good friends, walking through the narrow streets and on the steep stairs of Cómpeta:   what a lot of impressions to take in!  Now looking back I can say, it was a great event and I am very happy I was a part of it! And very lucky that I had a lot of support! Many thanks to Lieuwke Loth and the team to making this Art Walk Cómpeta possible! Now already looking forward to the Open Studios of Gaucín!

Preparándose, transporte de una gran cantidad de pintura, preparando la habitación que compartí con la fotógrafa Nikki de Gruchy, conociendo a muchos artistas, para cuatro dias recibiendo muchos visitantes de diferentes países y buenos amigos, caminando por las calles estrechas y en las empinadas escaleras de Cómpeta: ¡cuántas impresiones! Ahora mirando hacia atrás puedo decir que es un gran evento y estoy mucha suerte que podría asistir, mucha suerte, ¡eso tuvo mucho apoyo!¡Muchas gracias a Lieuwke Loth y al equipo por hacer este Art Walk Cómpeta posible!
¡Ahora comienza la preparación para los Open Studios de Gaucín!

Intensive Vorbereitung, der Transport von vielen und auch großen Bildern, das Herrichten des Raumes, den ich mit der Fotografin Nikki de Gruchy teilte, in dem sich Stühle und Tische stapelten, Bilder aufhängen, eine große Anzahl Kunstkollegen kennen zu lernen, Besucher aus unterschiedlichen Ländern empfangen und gute Freunde, durch die engen Gassen und über die steilen Treppen von Cómpeta zu wandern – wirklich viele Eindrücke, die ich gesammelt habe. Im Rückblick kann ich sagen: Es war eine großartige Veranstaltung und ich bin glücklich, dass ich dabei sein konnte! Und sehr dankbar, dass ich so gute Unterstützung hatte! Ganz großen Dank an Lieuwke Loth und ihr Team, dass sie diesen fantastischen Art Walk Cómpeta möglich gemacht hat!
Jetzt geht’s zur Vorbereitung auf die Ausstellung in den Open Studios von Gaucín!

Art Walk Cómpeta
Art Gaucin Facebook
Art Oppelland-Hampel Facebook

Squares again—Wieder beim Quadrat—Entonces Cuadrados.

Preparing for the exhibition in Cómpeta

When I started painting, I was very much in love with the format of a square. Lately the rectangle format then moved in, especially nice for bigger formats. Since some days I want to buy some nice rectangle canvases- no chance to build them myself as it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ since two weeks ; feels much longer. Even driving to the art suppliers in the city is no fun with heavy rains and parking at a distance. So I had to go today with what was in stock: squares again.

Bei den Vorbereitungen für den Art Walk Cómpeta

In der ersten Zeit meiner Malerei war ich begeistert von quadratischen Formaten. Sie haben mich auch immer wieder begleitet. Mit den größeren Formaten wurden die rechteckigen Formate für mich interessant. Seit einigen Tagen schon wollte ich Leinwände kaufen, an selber bauen ist nicht zu denken. Das geht nur auf der Terrasse und auf die regnet es seit zwei Wochen in Strömen. Selbst die Fahrt zum Künstlerbedarf in der Stadt ist vollkommen unattraktiv, bei heftigem Regen von einem entfernten Parkplatz dort hin zu gelangen ist eine wenig inspirierende Vorstellung. So musste ich auf meine Vorräte zurückgreifen: wieder ein Quadrat!

Acrylic on canvas 40×40 cm (top) and 20×20 cm

Think big – Denk gross – Piensa en grande \ Work in progress

I have worked on many small canvases and now I was really looking for a challenge : 140 x 160 cm! A format that hardly has room in my little studio! But a pleasure of freedom. And since long I could do it all from the very beginning!  I hope  I can exhibit this at ART WALK COMPETA in which I will be part of! Hopefully the room will be big enough! Hope to see you there (31.03./01.04.04 and 03./04.04.18)

He trabajado en muchos quadros pequeños y ahora realmente estaba buscando un desafío: ¡140 x 160 cm! ¡Un formato que apenas tiene espacio en mi pequeño estudio! Pero un placer de libertad. ¡Y desde hace mucho tiempo puedo hacerlo todo desde el principio! ¡Espero poder exhibir esto en ART WALK COMPETA en el cual seré parte! ¡Espero que la habitación sea lo suficientemente grande! Espero verte allí (31.03./01.04.04 y 03./04.04.18)


You find more about Art Walk Cómpeta 2017 here and my former exhibition here!

New Works – neue Arbeiten – nuevas pinturas

The last 5 years I have been painting mostly alone, sometimes missing a bit the company of like-minded artist collegues. So I was happy to take the opportunity to participate in a 7-day workshop of one of my former art teacher, Thomas Egelkamp, to have some inspiring exchange with art collegues. It was a very intensiv, partly demanding but also  fullfilling week.

In den letzten 5 Jahren hatte ich sehr wenig Kontakt zu Künstlerkollegen. So war es für mich eine willkommene Gelegenheit zum Austausch mit anderen, als sich die Möglichkeit bot, an einem 7 tägigen Workshop von Thomas Egelkamp, einer meiner früheren Professoren, teilzunehmen. Es war eine sehr intensive, teilweise sehr fordernde aber auch sehr erfüllende Woche!

Wabanaki 1 (100×100 cm)
Wabanaki 2
(135×90 cm)
Wabanaki 3 ( 100×80 cm)
Wabanaki 4 (100 x 100 cm)


Small worlds – mundos pequeños – kleine Welten

I am dreaming of  painting on a big canvas. A very big one. Even a bigger one. But there is always a reason, why not. Why not now. Going traveling very soon. Only small space in the luggage.  Not enough time to work on it now. Not…..So I end up with a lot of very tiny paintings, small worlds. And I go on dreaming about my big, big painting.

If you are interested in one of these paintings, please contact me here!

Following: Acrylic on wood. Most painting 20×20 cm or 20×30 cm.
Click on the picture to enlarge.

Ich träume von einem Gemälde auf einer großen Leinwand. Einer sehr großen. Noch größer. Aber es gibt immer einen Grund, warum ich es jetzt nicht malen kann. Zu bald gehen wir auf eine Reise. Heute bin ich zu müde. Viel zu wenig Platz im Gepäck. Lohnt sich nicht, jetzt anzufangen, weil…geht nicht, weil….So entstehen viele winzige Bilder, kleine Welten. Und ich träume weiter von meiner großen, großen Leinwand….

Following: Acrylic on cardboard. 24×19 cm. Click on the photo to enlarge.

More small formats, mostly 20×20 or 20×30 cm. Click here

Invitation: Meet the artists – habla con las artistas – Gespräch mit den Künstlerinnen

Enjoy the art exhibition of 5 international Artist, spend a restful and enchanting time in the wonderful new garden of Galeria Luz de la Vida with a glas of wine listening to the music of the duo Mar y Luz, admire the colorful mosaik, have some tapas and HAVE A PERSONAL TALK WITH THE ARTISTS! Learn about their art and what is moving them. Put your questions! Take a little (or bigger) treasure home! The Swiss Artist Barbara Lenzin, who did the mosaik , the German Artist Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel with her colorful Abstract expressionist paintings and the Dutch sculpturer Liewke Loth with her pieceful and mythic bronze sculptures are looking forward to celebrate with you on the 07.07.17 between 19.00 and 21:00 hours in Cómpeta, Calle Laberinto 15. 

El texto en español sigue las fotos



Disfruta de la exposición de arte de 5 artistas internacionales, pasar un rato relajante y encantador en el maravilloso nuevo jardín de la Galería Luz de la Vida, encanta con una copa de vino a la música del duo Mar y Luz, admira el colorido mosaik y ¡TENGA UNA CHARLA PERSONAL CON LOS ARTISTAS! Aprenda sobre su arte y lo que se mueve. ¡Ponga sus preguntas! Toma a casa un pequeño tesoro! La artista suiza Barbara Lenzin, que hizo el Mosaik, la artista alemana Gerrit Oppelland-Hampel con sus pinturas coloridas del expresionista abstracto y la escultora holandesa Lieuwke Loth con sus esculturas de bronce legendarias y míticas están mirando adelante para celebrar con tí el 07.07.17 entre 19.00 y 21:00 horas en Cómpeta, Calle Laberinto 15.


Sneak preview: paintings of an exhibition/ Bilder einer Ausstellung/ las pinturas en un exposición

To give you a little taste of the exhibition in the Gallery Luz de La Vida in  Cómpeta: enjoy some pictures!

Ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf die Ausstellung in der Galeria Luz de La Vida in Cómpeta: viel Freude an den Fotos!

Talk with the artists 07.07.17 from 19:00 to 21:00 o’clock. Music and tapas provided!


Open Thursday to Friday and Saturday. Talk with the artists Friday, 07.07.17 from 19:00 – 21:00 hours.

Overview: paintings

Theses are my most recent works:


Yellow symphony 40×40 cm
Summer in the city 81×65 cm
Thinking of Sant Tropez 65×81 cm
Memories of China 30x30cm
“Think big – Dream in Color!” 160×140 cm
” Dreaming about Greenland” 140×160 cm
The tree – 50×50 cm


Palms 30×20 cm
Just playing around 65x 81cm
Blue and orange (50x50cm)


2017 Paintings


Here follows a small presentation showing a selection of my paintings through the last 10 years of my work. Some are still in my hands, others sold. They are all painted with acrylic on canvas. There is no order in time or availibility in this overview.

Hier folgt ein kleiner Überblick über meine Arbeiten aus den letzten 10 Jahren. Einige der Gemälde sind noch in meiner Hand, andere verkauft. Alle Arbeiten sind Acryl auf Leinwand. Sie sind in keiner Weise geordnet: weder nach Datum noch nach Verfügbarkeit.

Why blue?




Raum für die Acrylfarben-Space for the acrylic colores- un espacio para los colores acrilios

It feels like endless time that I have not used my acrylic colores. And indeed, it was a very long time that they have not been used and the pencil had to be my artists medium. There are many reasons to name, that hindert me painting – one seems defenitly solved: finally there is some room where I can put my canvas and my colores and act a bit wild! So today I tried the new possiblities and yes, there I can work!

Nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit, und tatsächlich nach einer sehr langen Zeit, habe ich heute wieder meine Acrylfarben hervorgeholt und genutzt. Nachdem Bleistift und Federhalter für viele viele Monate meine künstlerischen Begleiter waren, ist jetzt hoffentlich wieder die Farbe im Vordergrund. Vieles hat mich abgehalten von der Malerei. Aber eines scheint jetzt wirklich gelöst: es gibt Raum für meine Leinwände und Farben und die Möglichkeit, auch mal etwas wilder zu arbeiten. Heute habe ich den Platz erprobt! Eine neue Möglichkeit ist vorhanden!


Bilder einer Ausstellung- cuadros de una exposición

Eine spanisch-englisch-deutsch-holländisch-belgisch-schweizerische Gesellschaft hatte sich zur “Inauguration” meiner ersten Ausstellung in Spanien bei MR.ROHS versammelt. Es war ein wunderbarer Abend mit Bildern, Musik, Wein, Tapas und vielen Gesprächen. Nur das Interview mit TV Mijas wurde nicht geführt, weil mein Spanisch nicht reichte!  Ich hoffe, dass dieses schöne Erlebnis und ein neuer Platz zum Malen die Acrylfarben wieder in den Mittelpunkt rückt….

It was an international group with Spanish, English, Dutch, Swiss and Belgium visitors and friends, that made the inauguration of my first Spanish exhibition at MR.ROHS a great event for me. It was an fantastic evening with the paintings,music, wine, Tapas and a lot of discussions. Though the interview with TV only consists of pictures, my Spanish was not rich enough to answer questions! I hope, that this wonderful event and a new place for painting will give a new chance to the acrylic paint….

Noch nicht ganz trocken… Not quite dry yet…. Recién pintado

Hier finden Sie Werke aus meiner Zeit in Spanien.
Here you find works from my time in Spain.
Encuentra mis pinturasdel mi tiempo en España.

20×20 cm …Wabanaki lake 1 , 2017
Wabanaki lake 2, 20×20 cm, 2017
Wabanaki 4 (100 x 100 cm) 2017
Wabanaki 2 (135×90 cm) 2017
Wabanaki 1 (100×100 cm) 2017
Wabanaki 3 ( 100×80 cm) 2017
Blue with Orange 1, 50×50 cm, 2018
No title, 20×20 cm, 2018
Spring is showing 20x20cm, 2018

Winter bloomer 20×20 cm, 2018

Metamorphosis 50×50 cm, 2018

No title  each 20×20 cm, 2017

Dancing with the flowers 70×50 cm, 2017


Walk in the park  25×25 cm, 2016

Why blue?
Why blue?

Acrylic on canvas, 50×70 cm, June 2016

Mauz. 2015, Acrylic on canvas 73×60 cm

Birds by day and night
Birds by day and night

Acryl on canvas, 55×25 cm, Two Parts, 2015

Spring fully blooming
Spring fully blooming

Acryl on canvas 80×65 cm,2015


Acryl on canvas 80×65 cm,  2015


Acryl on canvas 73×61 cm, 2015

Im Park
Im Park


Acryl on canvas 73 x 61 cm,  2015

ohne Titel
ohne Titel

Acryl on canvas 25×25 cm, May 2015